Shaq Is Blaming God For His Awful Free Throw Shooting

So the diesel, superman, big shamrock, big Shaqtus, big agave, big leprechaun, Shaq has come out and said that the only person to blame for his gross free throw shooting was none other than God. According to Nina Mandell of For The Win Shaq has a theory. You can read the entire article here.

“The theory is, it was the man way upstairs’ way of keeping me humble,” he said. “Seriously. Because the way I played, the way I made everyone else around me better, all of the publicity I was doing — imagine if I was doing that and had shot 90 percent from the free throw line. I would have been arrogant. I’d probably be so arrogant. So it was just his way of saying ‘hey, buddy, you’re just like everybody else.’”

That’s all it was. It was God trying to make Shaq like one of us. Since he made Shaq into a one of greatest basketball players of all time with 4 championships and made him millions upon millions, the great almighty decided the way to make the 7’2 350lbs center just a regular Joe like you and me was to make him bad at free throws. With that said, I’m guessing all the people who have done good in this world yet still died of things out of their control might feel a bit snubbed. If they wanted to be saved they should of been Shaq. Case closed there.

I actually agree with Shaq here. When I can’t do something like dunk, throw 95 or figure out how to setup my Direct TV remote I blame God and the I feel better. It’s very therapeutic and I highly recommend it. Maybe that’s truly how Shaq is one of us. When he can’t do something well he just throws his hands up and say “well if I was meant to do this God would of just gave me the ability automatically.” I like that. I like that a lot.

And since it’s Friday and we’re all about fun here at Second Saturday, here’s my favorite Shaq highlight

I was watching this live and I remember thinking even as a 15 year old that if Shaq ever connected with that haymaker then either Brad Miller would of gotten cut in half, completely disintegrated, cause an atomic bomb like explosion or all 3. Thank the God that made Shaq bad at free throws that it didn’t land.



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