A Rick And Morty Spoiled Episode 3 Review

We finally got one of the major things that we knew was coming in season 3 and that was none other than Pickle Rick. We had no idea why Rick was a pickle but we knew he was in fact a pickle. We found out very early in the episode that the reason Rick turned himself into a pickle was to get out of going to family counseling. Turns out, Rick looks down poorly on therapy. Shocking

The Smith family are still trying to figure out how to handle the divorce of Beth and Jerry and decided family therapy was the way to go. This became an option after Morty peed himself at school and Summer got caught huffing pottery enamel. It all seems like the kids are lashing out against the divorce. Jerry isn’t even shown in this episode. Bold but not that bold prediction, Jerry returns in next week’s episode.

There’s two things going in this episode. The Smith family attend the counseling and Rick goes on a wild journey through the sewer in an effort to get to Beth that has a syringe which has anti-pickle serum in it. But when Rick gets into the sewer he ends up getting  out of the toilet belonging to the Russian mafia type people. Inside the facility there’s a man being held prisoner called Jaguar who Rick eventually duals with. I feel pretty confident that this episode contained the best pickle vs. an army of rats that you’ll see this year.

Rick eventually takes out the entire Russian mafia guys The Pickle Man kicked ass and took  all the names.

It’s interesting because the kids are a bit surprised on how to handle therapy at first, but eventually subtly start accepting it and begin to explain to Beth their feelings about the family issue. Even Beth starts to push back against Rick. Rick eventually shows up to therapy and admits that he tried to get out of going to therapy by turning himself into a pickle.

The episode wraps up with Rick turning back into a human and him and Beth deciding to go to a bar and have a beer It was  neat bonding situation that you don’t see from Rick and Beth. Also, the kids expressed about going back to therapy but it was never acknowledged by anyone.

The ending credits scene was also something that we’ve seen in the season 3 trailer

Yep, it was just an ending credit. Probably has nothing to do with anything. I feel like we’ve seen quite a bit from that season 3 trailer. That’s a good thing. Means there’s a bunch of stuff that we have no frame reference for.

Next week’s preview includes something else from the season 3 trailer. The Vindicators

Great season so far. The story of life without Jerry continues. Still wondering if we see Phoenix Person and that whole thing with the galactic government. Should be awesome



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