God Must Really Had It Out For This Minor Leaguer Who Hit Himself In The Head With A Foul Ball

Far be it from me to say that Nick Zammarelli of the Clinton Lumberkings was some sort of murderer in a past like or that he’s wronged someone in this life, but when you hit a foul ball towards the opposite side of the field which then bounces off the roof and then comes back and hits you square in the head you may want to evaluate your life and make sure you apologize to anybody you might of screwed over.

This is like when Eddie Harris drank Jobu’s rum and then was immediately hit with a rogue bat that slipped out of someone’s hands. I’m pretty sure this is just like that situation.

I’ve never been a guy who really took much stock in Karma except when bad stuff happens to me. That’s when I have no problem at all blaming the universe for my problems. But when stuff like this happens to a seemingly regular, everyday nice kid like Nick here, I start to think that the universe or God or whatever or whoever you look up too is trying to balance things out. Either way, it’s probably a good idea that Nick helps everyone out and overly nice to every single person he comes in contact with. You don’t need to have the powers to be to check you again and have an Acme Anvil fall on your head.




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