Who Knew People Would Find A Few Arms In Duffle Bag Suspicious?

BBC Security officials in southwest China recently had a nasty surprise when they found a man transporting two human arms, it’s reported.According to Pear Video, a 50-year-old man surnamed Zheng was approached by authorities at a bus station in Duyun, Guizhou province, after the limbs showed up on the station’s security scanner on 31 July.”I asked him what was in the bag, and he said it was an arm,” a security guard told Pear Video.According to the South China Morning Post, staff immediately detained him, suspecting that he had been involved in a murder.However, Mr Zheng explained that he had been transporting the body parts for his brother, who had had them amputated after an electric incident.Mr Zheng said that his brother had asked for his help in transporting the limbs back to him, so that when he dies, his body can be buried in one piece. Mr Zheng was released by the authorities after the hospital treating his brother verified the story.It is a traditional Chinese belief that the body should be cremated or buried whole after someone has died, in order to be at peace. However, many online readers are bewildered by the story, given that medical personnel are required to secure permits for the transportation of human body parts in China.

You just don’t see many stories about people trying to transport not just one arm but two arms. But I bet in China this happens about ever 17 minutes. China and the other Asian countries just don’t care about stuff like this. Generally, it’s about some wild way that their treating animals. This time it was a person that got carved up.

I can’t even begin to understand that if you give your bag to the people who check bags at a bus station(something I didn’t know even happened) and there’s a couple arms in it how you believe that they might not find a problem with that. Maybe there’s some kind of rule over in China that you can transport body parts under a certain weight and these arms just were a bit to yoked.

I wonder if he was even nervous about anything. The way he so casually gave it to them knowing that they would find the arms tells me he thought he was going to be on his way with no questions asked. I think this quote says that I’m right about that

“I asked him what was in the bag, and he said it was an arm,”

I bet he threw a big stink right there at the bus station. Yelling “the nerve of these people inconveniencing me because I’m traveling with a couple of arms so that I can bury my brother with his full body.” I actually really hope that he made up the whole part about his brother. Probably doesn’t even have a brother. This guy is probably like Frank Abignail from Catch Me If You Can and just has a Rolodex of excuses for why he would have a few arms in a duffle bag. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead believing that.

Also whenever I hear a story where a guy had to give some crazy reason for why they did something crazy I always think of this



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