2017 Preseason Drinking Game

Week 1 of the preseason is here and it makes us all feel real good inside because it lets us know that in a month, we’ll be able to yell at our tvs again because our team has once again let us down. The preseason lets us know that our Sundays are officially spoken for for the next 5 months and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But we also know that the preseason is pretty awful in terms of an interesting thing to watch. Even if you’re into fantasy football which me and any sensible person is, you really shouldn’t take anything out of it. I mean it’s football and we’ll all watch but we all know that for the most part, we’re watching a slew of guys whose name we will never mention once in our lives. Fortunately, you’re in luck. I’ve developed a fun drinking game you and others can play to make preseason football bearable. From the 2 minutes of research I did, I couldn’t find much in terms of specific games that deal with just the preseason, so this is fresh. Keep in mind this is very announcer heavy so make sure you’re paying attention. Also, don’t be a scumbag and go out and drive around after playing this game. Be smart and call an uber, lyft or walk to the bar.

Drink whenever an announcer says “a way to get noticed is to make a special teams play”

Drink whenever an announcer says “some guys are going to make a team because of special teams”

Drink whenever the announcers mention that the cuts go from 90 to 53 this year

Drink whenever there’s a discussion about the amount of preseason games there are

Drink whenever a team goes for it on 4th down

Drink whenever a team goes for it on 4th down and the announcers says “might as well go for it because it’s the preseason”

Drink whenever a player wearing a single digit number makes an impact play

Drink TWICE whenever you see a guy who the last team he played for was a Canadian team

Drink TWICE whenever a rookie doesn’t touch a guy down

Drink TWICE when an announcer says “that it’s not college out there”

Drink when an announcer says “that a player is auditioning for 31 other teams”

Drink whenever an announcer says “in a few weeks, they’ll be strapping it up for real

Drink whenever an announcer says that an offense or defense “is playing a bland, vanilla scheme or are not blitzing and playing base coverage”

Drink whenever the announcer says “it’s preseason for the coaches, referees” or anyone who’s not a player

Drink TWICE if an announcer mentions that Victor Cruz got noticed in the preseason

Drink whenever an announcer mentions that a player is having a great camp

FINISH a beer if a there’s any kind of challenge even if it’s an official review

Drink when they show a veteran player on the sideline laughing it up after their done for the night

Drink whenever an ex-player or some sort of celebrity enters the booth and all of the announcers forget that there’s game going on

Drink whenever you see a guy that you can’t believe is still in the league or switched teams and you had no idea

For week 3 only, drink whenever the announcer says “this is just a dress rehearsal”

Drink a FULL beer if a team is down 7 and scores a late TD but goes for 2 instead of the PAT so the game doesn’t go into overtime

Well there you have it. This was made in about 45 minutes so feel free to expand upon it and make it even better. Don’t forget to not be a scumbag and not go driving after this because this can really tag you. Have fun with it



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