Robert Aguayo Has Been Released And It’s The Best Thing For Him

The whirlwind that is the NFL just keeps pumping out news. This time a kicker has been axed

The Bucs rolled serious dice last year and took a kicker in the 2nd round and naturally many people thought it was an ill advised move. Tampa looked at the fact that he went 69 of 78 FGs at Florida State and thought it be nice to have near guaranteed points anytime their young offense got within 45 yards. Well, that’s not what happened last year and Aguayo missed as many kicks as he did in one year in the pros than he did in his entire college career. Then last night Rob missed another field goal and an extra point. That was to much for Tampa to handle so they went ahead and moved on. Not saying that if Rob was a lower round pick or an undrafted guy he would of survived all this, but when a team goes against the grain and selects a kicker with a 2nd round pick you better not miss, figuratively and  literally. From the beginning of the season last year, Aguayo was under a microscope like no other kicker was. Then he started out missing a few kicks in the early part of the year and the lights got brighter. He salvaged it a bit but the damage was done. Not a good rookie campaign. Fair or unfair, when a team drafts a kicker that high and he’s not lights out, the scrutiny is sure to come and it did. Last night was the final straw and Rob is now a free agent.

Best thing that could happen to the young kicker. Clearly, he’s all the way up in his own head. You can’t argue that the guy has the talent, but kicking is a position, like a golfer, where the real game is the happening between the ears. And Aguayo couldn’t get it straight. I don’t know the guy, but I would bet deep down in places where he doesn’t talk about at parties, that he would say he was mentally all over the place. The pressure of being the best kicker in college to having a team take a gamble on him in the 2nd round all added up and he didn’t produce. It happens. Now he’s out of Tampa and can now focus on his next team and he will be on a new team within a few days. Some team(hey Miami) will pick him up. To much of a high ceiling not too. Now the pressure is off. What’s the worse that can happen? He gets released again? The worst is over. He can go out there, with a change of scenery and be loose about it. Or, he’s so far up in his head and that he can’t ever get out. Certainly a possibility. Hope the guy gets it right and proves the the doubters wrong.

I’d be re-missed in my duty if I didn’t mention the best early round kicker to ever lace em up. You know who I’m talking about

Nobody else would have the stones to attempt a 76 yard field goal in a real game. I bet Seabass has nailed countless 76 yard field goals and that the sun was in eyes on this one




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