Allen Robinson Joins Everyone Else And Calls Out Blake Bortles

With the news that the Dolphins lost an up and coming player today for the year in CB Tony Lippett along with Kenyon Drake getting concussed yesterday and the apparent curse that’s apparently been laid on Miami, it puts a smile on my face that other teams are experiencing issues as well.

Is it petty of me to find the misfortune in others when I feel that life isn’t fair? Probably. But I don’t care at this particular moment.

Who am I to tell Allen Robinson that he can’t join the club and call out Blake Bortles? I’m nobody that’s who. And you just know that Allen says so much worse stuff to Blake. This isn’t a one-time thing. Things appear like they’re getting worse down in Jacksonville. You get a seemingly stud running back in Fornette, you think noway you’ll play as bad as last year. Then you remember that you have a QB who makes Byron Leftwich’s delivery look normal. And yet I’ll still probably draft Blake for the 2nd year in a row as my backup QB. He’s the captain of garbage time.

Maybe this will end up being nothing and things will workout for the Jags, But the smart money is on them starting out 1-3, Bortles will be benched and the Jags will be looking at the draft to see what QB could pull them out of the hole they’ve been in for years.

PS- How does Blake go back into the locker room knowing this video out. Guy got straightup emasculated in front of everybody. He probably has to go out there and wail on someone to keep face. Can’t have everyone know that you’re a guy that lets others push you around.



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