It’s Still Raining Crap In Miami; Kenyon Drake Also Has A Concussion

A little late on this but it needs be said; it appears this will not be the year that the Dolphins make any kind of run because they can’t go a day without some kind of injury happening. I know it’s training camp and injuries happen but I can’t remember the Dolphins ever getting this snake-bitten with injuries. This time it was backup running back Kenyon Drake.

Fortunately, Jay Ajayi has been cleared from his concussion that he suffered  2 weeks ago. But the injuries are mounting. Tannehill, Larson, Ajayi(who’s back) McMillian and now Drake. Eventually, you get to a point where you can’t overcome all of them. We’re not there yet but we’re getting closer. Hopefully, Drake gets rested up like Ajayi and returns by the end of the preseason. Drake is going to be so important for this team. Miami didn’t address back up running back this off season, feeling Ajayi is the real deal and that Drake and Damian Williams can just spell him when needed. I think Drake will need to increase the amount of touches he got from last year. He’s to talented not get on the field. He has a different gear that most don’t have.

Being a Dolphin fan generally means that you enter each year with absolutely no expectations. But this year was different. We had expectations of actually doing some damage. Sucks to think that it’s already gotten away from us. But, I’m going to be positive about it. Not going to fold the year yet. Not until about week 3, when Miami gets their doors blown off. Then I’ll just laugh and say “yep, another down the drain.” Been there many times.



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