Baron Corbin Becomes The 2nd Person Ever To Unsuccessfully Cash In MITB

Damian Sandow can take some sort of solace in the fact that he’s not alone in being the only guy to unsuccessfully to cash in their Money In The Bank contract. I’m sure the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses feels much better today. But last night on the go home show for Smackdown we saw Baron Corbin cash in his contract and lose in under 10 seconds. Gotta say this was probably not how the lone wolf drew it up. It was however a very cool situation that got me, the crowd and everyone else watching all jazzed. When Corbin made it halfway up the ramp as slowly as he was, you just knew he was firing back to cash it in. An electric moment indeed.

I actually thought there was a decent chance that Corbin would be cashing in

As you can see, I was very confident this would happen. My reasoning for this was that RAW had a very good show on Monday with their ending segment of Lesnar, Reigns, Strowman and Joe that they would look to make a big impact on Smackdown.

It also looks like the company has lost confidence in Corbin. Personally, I’ve never been a Corbin fan. He just never did it for me. I understand that he’s large and that means Vince’s tongue falls out of his mouth whenever he would see him, but to me he never progressed. Also, I can’t over how bald he’s going. As being a person who’s balding at a break neck pace, hes gotta shave it off. It’s over. He has a classic horseshoe pattern.

I thought there was a chance Corbin would cash it in at Summer Slam but now he can just lose to Cena and end up in the mid-card. I’ll have a whole Summer Slam preview in the coming days. Enjoy the day




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