Premier League Weekend Recap

Hello everyone.  Like I have said in previous blogs this site is going to be pro soccer.  This is something you are going to have to deal with.

The English Premier League started this past weekend and I for one was giddy.  I plan to give you a recap of the weekend each week.  I really want to do this as more of a bullet pointed out recap of my thoughts from some of the games.  Just some small analysis and things I found amusing from the weekend.  I am also going to write this as if I am talking to someone who watches and keeps up with the premier league.  If you are not sure what something means @ me on twitter @2ndSatMac.

Arsenal 4 Leicester City 3

  • Arsenal are still Arsenal and LCFC are still LCFC.
  • Arsenal cannot sell Giroud or Welbeck.
    • I think they are both going to play important roles even with Lacazette starting.
    • One or both can play with Lacazette.
  • Arsenal should sell the Ox.
    • I don’t see him breaking full time into the first team and I don’t want to lose a 23 year old guy we have spent this much time working with for free.  He will be second choice right wing back behind Hector and he just isn’t the same guy on the left.  I also don’t think Arsene trusts him as a center mid because he can be too careless with the ball (not that anyone on the team is overly careful with it anyway as evidence by the goals we gave up this weekend.)
  • Arsenal still need and attacking signing even if we do hold on the Alexis.
    • First this gets someone in now in the event Alexis and/or Ozil leave for free next summer.
    • I really want a better option than bringing in Theo Walcott for once.
  • Congrats Leicester you guys should be good enough to finish mid table this year.

Watford 3 Liverpool 3

  • Watford’s 3rd goal was close enough to not be offside.
    • That ball was close to being in line with the Watford players foot so you can’t have many complaints.
    • There should be video replay to review stuff like this.
  • Liverpool look so confident when they are pressing high up the field.  They are so well coached with it and execute so well.  It’s not just pressing the ball they also do a great job of staying disciplined and cutting off passes…but when the ball is in their half of the field they are lost and timid.  Its truly baffling to see a team look so well coach and also poorly coached within a few seconds of a game.

Chelsea 2 Burnley 3

  • Conte is about to find out that coaching Chelsea the year after winning the title is apparently very difficult.
  • As an Arsenal fan I enjoyed Cesc getting sent off with one of his yellow cards being for acting like an angry 12 year old.  I mean I never held anything against Cesc for leaving to Barca.  Also Arsenal passed on the chance to buy him back before he went to Chelsea so I can’t blame him for that either.  I guess he’s been away from Arsenal and at Chelsea long enough for me to enjoy that moment.
  • Burnley almost giving 9 man Chelsea a point is not a great sign for their premier league hopes.

Brighton 0 Manchester City 2

  • A defensively sound City are a scary thing for the rest of the league to think about.
  • David Silva with a buzzed head is an odd visual.  He honestly doesn’t look as smooth out there without the hair flowing in the wind.
  • Super jealous that City saw what their needs were and went out and fixed them early in the transfer window.  Wish Arsenal could do this.
  • City overs are officially on the hot seat
    • Over 3.5 goals in City games used to be easy money.  No more Bravo in goal means this is not going to hit non stop like it has the past few years.
  • Mikel Arteta’s hair has not gotten longer or shorter…. ever
  • Why am I obsessed with Manchester City coaches and players hair?  Not sure but thats where I am at right now.

Newcastle 5 Tottenham 1

  • Sorry wrong year

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

  • There has been so much talk of Spurs struggling in Wembley that I honestly think they can rally behind it.  Play the no one believes in us card.  The thing about soccer though is the crowd effects the game more than any other sport.  If that Wembley crowd gets tight the tightness will transfer to the players.  Anyway decent 3 road points as I think Newcastle may be ok this year.

Manchester United 4 West Ham 0

  • Manchester are a big, strong, fast team.  Historically this type of team does extremely well in the Premier League….
  • Lets settle down United fans



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