The Jay Cutler Experience Begins Tonight

Tonight the Dolphins will play the Ravens in their 2nd preseason game of the season but unlike the first week of the preseason they will be starting the man whose been brought in to save the season. And that’s the man they call Jay Cutler. All reports so far since Jay got to Miami have been that he still has the arm that people have been falling in love with since Vanderbilt and that his teammates have really enjoyed his presence and are excited to work with him. Who knows if that’s true. What are they going to say, that they really hate the guy and are depressed that to be around him? No, they will never say that. But I would expect that there is some type of optimism with the players based around his knowledge of the system and that big arm.

It’s week 2 of the preseason so you’ll only get a few series out of the starters. The real “dress rehearsal” will be next week when the players play into the 2nd half. But, that doesn’t mean that Jay can’t go out there and make me feel a little better about the upcoming season. But he also can come out and make me feel more uneasy about the season than I already do. It be great if Jay came out and went 9-9 with 2 TDs but I’d be satisfied with him just coming out and being on time with the receivers. I’d enjoy it very much if showed good poise and climbed the pocket and delivered a strike over the middle for 22 yards. Nothing crazy, just things that he’s done throughout his career. Lets not act like the guy was away from the game for years or anything like that. The guy played in 5 games last year albeit poorly. But, I firmly believe that he still has the tools, but like any Cutler led team, will he have it upstairs? Flip a coin on that one.

Hopefully he does a lot of this

And not a lot of trying to force the ball into 40 guys covering



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