If Your Best Option Is Chad Henne You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time

I don’t think I ever saw QB competition happen out of no where in the middle of the preseason before but Blake Bortles is obviously one who likes to start trends. When you do stuff like this you certainly are encouraging such a battle to be a part of your teams life.

And this

And after you’re star wide receiver completely emasculates you at practice like this

It forces you’re head coach to say this

You gotta be playing an extra type of awful to let the likes of Chad Henne be a viable option. As being the resident Dolphins supporter, I can tell you a lot of about Chad Henne. But all I really have to say is that he’s not the answer. I understand that Blake looks like a guy whose never thrown a football before but do anything else. Go to Brandon Allen, sign Kaepernick(which should be the first call that gets makes if they look outside the organization) dig up Mark Brunell do something that isn’t Chad Henne. Yes Chad has been able to stay in the league and that’s admirable. But he’s had multiple chances to start in this league and hasn’t been able get it right. And yes, there’s guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick that gets a million chances and the teams like the Jets have no suitable guy to throw the ball. But still this Chad Henne, the most robotic QB I’ve ever seen. A guy who loves nothing more than to rocket a 6 yard check down as hard as he can at someone. A guy who never lived up to the hype of being the white Michael Vick.

The choices are Doug Marrone’s and his alone. But do you really want this as your possible future



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