A Very SummerSlam Preview

In case you didn’t know, the biggest party of the Summer is happening on Sunday and it’s not the wedding you’ve been planning on getting loose at or the vacation at the tropical resort you’ve had planned. It’s WWE’s Summer shindig; Summer Slam. Typically thought of as the 2nd biggest PPV that WWE has next to Wrestlemania, this years SummerSlam looks like it will be a very good show. It will be a very long show, but it should deliver in terms of quality matches and have a few swerves that will have people talking. Actually if the show is a dud, people will probably talk even more about how much the show was a let down. Lets hope that the former happens.

The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan vs. The Miztourage (kickoff show)

Thrown together on Thursday, this match is a hodgepodge of folks that only really has 2 people in it that are slightly going after each other. Jason Jordan, since being decreed as Kurt Angle’s son has been a total flop. The build up for Kurt’s big news was not balanced out by his big reveal of Jordan being his son. No one cares and why should they. He’ll be going after the Miz’s IC title going forward. As for the Hardyz, God damn is what Noop Noop would say in regards of how they’ve been booked since getting the pop of the year when they surprise returned at this years Wrestlemania. I know that by now everyone, including myself, expected them to of morphed into the Broken Hardyz, but since Anthem is ran by jerks who pulled that possibility from under them, we still have to wait for the Broken universe to occur if it ever does. Friggin shame that the Hardyz are relegated to the kickoff show.

Prediction- The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan

Akira Tozowa (c) vs. Neville For The Cruiser Weight Title (kickoff show)

With Tozawa winning the title from Neville this past week on RAW, which I thought was weird considering that they were facing each other at SummerSlam but whatever I guess. It seems to me that Neville is off to bigger and better things. He’s ruled the cruiser weight  division for the last 6 months or so and has gone through pretty much everyone there was to go through. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this feud is over on Sunday, that he leaves the realm of the cruisers and gets involved in the IC title picture or something else that has nothing to do with the cruiser weight division. Tozawa along with the Titus brand will take on the other cruisers and will put on good matches that few will get up for. The division needs some personality to go along with the good ring work.

Prediction- Akira Tozawa retains the championship

The New Day (c) vs. The Usos For The Smackdown Tag Titles (kickoff show)

This has been a pretty good rivalry with solid moments like when the Usos attacked the New Day while they were delivering their intro. They’ve traded back wins the last few weeks with the Usos winning this past against Woods and Kofi. If I take that into account, I guess I have to take The New Day to retain. Buuuuuut, I’m going reverse psychology on this one. The Usos take the titles and hopefully sparks the tag team division on Smackdown and feuds with the Breezedango. That be fun. I don’t know why but I wouldn’t be shocked if this starts a New Day break up. I could be dead wrong on this slightly bold prediction but I feel that WWE may want to push Big E as a singles guy because he has the name Big in his name.

Prediction- The Uson win the Smackdown Tag Titles

Big Show vs. Big Cass with Enzo Amore being dangled above in a shark cage

Speaking of the word big this is a battle to decide who is the best guy with the name big in their name. The split-up of Enzo and Cass has been another below average decision. They were an act the people liked and they split them up so that Vince and his love affair for big guys can get Cass as a singles star. I know I just said the New Day will break up and they’re an act the people like but they’ve been at it on the main roster longer than Enzo and Cass. Anyways, Enzo’s heat in the back has landed him in a shark cage above the ring. Don’t know what he does after this feud is over. I really don’t. Get ready for a ton of kicks, punches and chops in this unfun match. No universe exists where Cass doesn’t win. Wouldn’t even doubt that after this he feuds with Roman Reigns or some big name that he has no business feuding with.

Prediction- Big Cass

Randy Orton vs. Rusev

In the match that no one wants to see, you have two guys that weren’t doing anything after the last PPV so why not throw them in a 6 week program. In the words of Harry Doyle; “I don’t know who cares.” Orton has been RKOing Rusev out of no where the past few weeks, which is fun. But he doesn’t need the win. In fact, the best thing for him is to lose more matches, have him doubt himself as he’s getting older and then slowly work back up the ranks. I doubt WWE will do that exactly, but I’d be into that. Rusev needs the win mainly because it doesn’t hurt Orton to lose.

Prediction- Rusev

Naomi (c) vs. Natalya For The Smackdown Women’s Title

The women of Smackdown have been doing a nice job of delivering quality matches. They’ve really stepped up their game. This match, besides the title on the line, has been about respect and who deserves it. Naomi has had the belt for the last few months so I think WWE will think it’s time for a change. Also, I don’t think Carmella will cash in her MITB briefcase.

Prediction- Natalya is your new Smackdown Women’s Champion

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin

This match has lost a bit of its sizzle with me with Corbin unsuccessfully cashing in his MITB briefcase this past Tuesday. The talk is that Vince has soured on Corbin. I’ve never been high on Corbin but he is a decent heel that attacks everyone. I just wish he’d improve more on his mic skills and shave his head. Gotta let it go. Fun fact, Cena has lost his last 6 Summerslam matches. Crazy right? I think he breaks that streak here mainly because I’ve picked mostly heels so far. I think it’s possible that since big match John is a free agent that he heads to RAW after tonight. Corbin goes to being a contender for the US title.

Prediction- John Cena

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

With a night that will have a few grand entrances, this match will have 2 good ones. But the Demon King Finn Balor will have the cooler of the 2 here. His entrance on Sunday will have him donning his Demon King persona. I like how they save his Demon King entrance for the big events. As for the match, I think it will be good in terms on work in the ring. The build up has been average with Bray winning clean this past week and covering Finn in some sort of red blood paint this. Bray has been typical Bray which is to say he’s very predictable. He just says he’s a God and will show everyone how much of a God he is and then ends up losing the feud, then goes on to the next person. Rinse repeat. Such a shame. The guy could be so good but WWE has some sort of problem with him. Vince probably just doesn’t like him because he’s not cut and shredded. It also be great if he stopped breaking kayfabe and not be that active on social media. If he wants to make the biggest impact with his character and have a dark and live a sheltered life, stop smiling and taking pictures with people. He also could use some time away, let everyone forget about him and then come in and take the roster by storm. Finn wins and then heads to world title picture

Prediction- Finn Balor

Sheamus and Cesaro(c) vs. Rollins and Ambrose For The RAW Tag Team Title

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this feud. Cesaro and Sheamus have been an interesting team who are good workers. But the fun in this match is Ambrose and Rollins having a mini Shield reunion. The build up was great having a slow burn with it. Wish WWE would do more slow builds. The payoff is so worth it. This is a sneaky potential match of night candidate. The people pop so hard for any sniff of anything Shield so I fully expect Ambrose and Rollins to walk out as champions. This will lead to a rematch at the next PPV and I’m all for that.

Prediction- Rollins and Ambrose win the RAW Tag Team Titles

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks For The RAW Women’s Title

Alexa the in-ring worker is so so but Alexa on the mic is straight fire. She’s the clearly the best promo gal they have. Sasha is very talented in the ring so I think she’ll carry the match. It should be a decent match. I don’t think you’ll see any interference by Nia Jax. RAW could really use another person to vie for the title especially since Bayley is on the shelf. Sasha wins the title and I think this will lead to a triple threat match between Sasha, Alexa and Nia at the next PPV. Nia will get her chance to run with the belt in due time.

Prediction- Sasha Banks wins the RAW Women’s Title

Kevin Owens (c) vs. AJ Styles with Shane McMahon as the special guest referee for the US Title

Now this is my #1 candidate for the match of the night. They know each so well that it has to deliver a classic. Even with Shane as the ref, it will be everything we all think it could be. Somehow Shane will cost Owens the title. It might be a mistake or it might be deliberate. I’m leaning deliberate so that it will setup a match between the 2 down the road. Styles wins and entertains a slew of potential challengers.

Prediction- AJ Styles retains the Title

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinskue Nakamura For WWE Title

I thought that Corbin was going to cash in here and walkout as the WWE Champion. But since that’s not a possibility I think the master of strong style is your winner. I know WWE is headed on an India tour soon but I don’t think that will save the reign of the modern day Maharaja. Nakamura was brought here to be the champion. The match won’t be a classic and you can bet that the Singh brothers will get ejected from the ring area. This match will also have the best entrance of the night with Nakamura. His personal violin player will be there and perhaps a whole orchestra. All in all in will take around 6 hours for Nakamura to get to the ring.

Prediction- Shinskue Nakamura wins the WWE Title

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Samoa Joe, Bruan Strowman and Roman Reigns For The Universal Title

This will be a real good match. I hope it gets at least 20 minutes. You’ll see all types of matchups happening. The one we’ve really haven’t seen a ton of Lesnar squaring off with Strowman, so that’ll be fun. Everyone will have their moments where they’re a split second away from winning. Everyone will look strong coming out of this. But we know that Lesnar is booked for upcoming dates, so the idea of him and Heyman leaving WWE and heading to the cage seems a bit false. That said, the beast and scariest man on the planet will leave Brooklyn still you’re reigning, defending champion. Next up for Lesnar is Strowman or Balor. Remember, I firmly subscribe to the idea that all roads lead to Reigns winning the belt off Lesnar at Wrestlemania so he’ll be out of the title picture for a few months.

Prediction- Brock Lesnar retains the Universal Title

Wildly Bold Prediction That Probably Won’t Happen- I’m giving a 5% chance of the ultimate Shield reunion. Ambrose and Rollins win the tag titles and cap off the night by helping the former powerhouse of the Shield win the title thus having the Shield posses the tag titles and the Universal title. Then have them feud with everyone and dominate. Lesnar goes away for a bit then becomes the last man the Shield haven’t taken apart. I’d love for this to happen. Believe in the Shield










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