Grudge Alert: Blair Walsh Points And Stares Down Mike Zimmer

Who said the preseason was boring and the only way to get through it was to have a drinking game custom made for it? Me. I said that. But thanks to Blair Walsh for holding a grudge against Mike Zimmer like D.B Cooper held a grudge against whoever he had a grudge against, we have something not expected and downright hilarious that happened last night.

Obviously, Blair is a lover scorned that hasn’t gotten over him being released by the Vikings after he missed a 27 yard field goal two years ago that would have advanced the Vikings to the divisional round of the playoffs. Last night Blair took matters into his own hands and laid the challenge down to Mike Zimmer when he made a 52 yard kick against his former team in a PRESEASON game. You could tell that Blair was ready for a fight as soon as he made that kick. If it were up to him he would of wanted a steel cage to fall from the sky so he can have the 61 year old old head coach whose had about 200 eye surgeries all to himself so he can show him what it’s like.

I hope that for the rest of the year, when Blair makes a kick he points to the team he’s playing against head coach and stares them down envisioning Zimmer every time. Each time he gets interviewed(if he gets interviewed) he lets Zimmer know that he’s waiting for him to accept his challenge. I want, no I need this rivalry to continue into the season because when Miami is out of it and my fantasy teams are sunk I need a plot line to follow besides if the Patriots are going to go undefeated.

Word to Blair, be careful about calling out coaches before you have to kick. No ones heard from Mike Vanderjagt after he taunted the Steelers for icing him and went ahead and did this




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