A Jets QB Getting Mauled By Only 1 D-Linemen Shows They’re Improving

Most look at the the current state of the New York Jets and see a team that is looking to be be the worst team in the league due to their lack of star players, lack of good players or lack of players anyone has ever heard of. They see a team that’s planning for the future and whose vying for the 1st overall pick in next year’s draft. A draft that many folks who cover the game for a monetary fee say that a certain signal caller from California will be the most sought after player since Andrew Luck. I’m here to tell you that the assumption that the Jets are Tank Abbotting is completely and utterly false and the proof is in the film.

If you notice from the film, Jets QB Christian Hackenberg was only abused by 1 defensive linemen. Now if you put in a film of the Jets from late last year you can see where the improvement occurred.

You can see Bryce Petty getting absolutely annihilated by 2 defensive linemen. It doesn’t take a master of common core math to understand that 2 is greater than 1. And it doesn’t take a below average QB to know that you’d rather get crushed by 1 unblocked All-Pro rather than 2 unblocked All-Pros.

So I hope this film session opened y’all up to what the real truth is and that’s there is no way any sane person could come to the conclusion that the Jets are pulling a Helen Hart and throwing in the towel on the upcoming season. The fact that 88 year old Josh McKown is the best they have in terms of a starting QB means nothing other than that the Jets are pioneers in the fight against ageism. We should all be so proud of them.




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