A Very Spoiled Rick And Morty “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” Review

Episode 5, The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy featured an adventure that only consisted of Rick and Jerry. The episode starts out with Jerry looking lonely and depressed at his 1 room apartment. Things look pretty awful for Jerry post divorce as we would expect. Then like Tough Actin Tinactin, Rick bursts through the door, drags Jerry’s naked body out of bed, and breaks the 4th wall by declaring this a Rick and Jerry Episode. Rick tells Jerry he needs a regular guy to talk to regular folks but Jerry knows it’s a lie and Rick explains that the reason he picked up Jerry is that Morty was concerned that his father wasn’t doing well and that he could use a win. They head off to an alien theme park.

The rest of the family is at home. Morty seems like the only out of the 3 that has his head on straight and is taking the whole divorce as well as a teenager can. Since he’s the man of the house, he appears to be taking over as being the person who makes sure everyone else is on track. Not everyone is doing as well

Beth is trying to channel her emotions into something creative and productive and naturally she turns to making art out of horse parts. Summer gets dumped by her boyfriend Ethan for another girl who has bigger boobs and decides that she will use one of Rick’s devices, one that can enlarge stuff, to get on her level. It goes terribly airy and she transforms herself into the giant version of herself that we saw in the season 3 trailer.

It was interesting to see Morty be the most rationale person out of him and his mother. He wanted to call Rick to fix this, while Beth wanted to prove to everyone that she can do it herself. That resulted in this

Rick and Jerry go to an alien theme park that has an immortality shield around it meaning anyone inside it can’t die. How cool would that be? The answer is extremely cool. While there, Rick and Jerry have a few moments where they are actually having a good time together. That changes when Jerry gets approached by a group that wants Jerry to set Rick up to be killed. Jerry eventually agrees to do this but reneges on the deal after Rick admits to sabotaging his marriage. The hit gets botched and Rick once again turns on Jerry. Basically belittles him for the rest of the episode. Some real psychology gets laid down when Rick calls out Jerry for being a predator by using pity to lure in his victims. Majorly powerful message right there. Rick manages to get them back home but not before experiencing a tripy, hallucinogenic occurrence as they traveled through a worm hole. I remember when Workaholics had a similar tripy, hallucinogenic situation when Blake was on acid in one of their episodes. It worked then and it worked here.

As for Morty, Beth and Summer, Morty figured out how to use the machine that can return Summer back to her regular self but not before my favorite part of the episode.

It was so chilling and dark of Morty. He very calmly explained to Ethan that he messed with his sister all while he calmly made a smore. It was like a scene out any number of Mob movies where someone is just plainly talking to someone with no apparent aggression and then they get shot in the head without any fight. Instead of getting shot in the head, Ethan gets an even worse fate. Morty is definitely becoming darker in his ways. Like Rick said in the first episode of the season, “welcome to the darkest year of our adventures.” That certainly has been the case thus far and I see it with with Morty.

In terms of laughs, this episode is behind the other episodes in the season. But in terms of psychology, it was real good. Everything is still adhering to season theme of everyone dealing with the divorce. Jerry is lonely and misses his family, Summer is living life as a teenage girl, which is a daily whirlwind alone not withstanding dealing with her parents divorce. Beth is trying to keep it together by doing what she can to not think about it, which is leading to all sorts of issues. Morty is dealing with it the best. He’s acting as the glue that is keeping the family together. I feel like he knows he can’t lose his head or all is lost but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has breakdown eventually. And Rick, he’s still being Rick and it’s always great. He’s going about his business but I think he’s finding that life is smoother when Jerry is around. Maybe I’m dead wrong on that but that’s my take on him. Still got half a season to see how the family works toward a semblance of normalcy.

Next week’s episode called Rick and Ricklaxation looks like it will be a good old fashioned Rick and Morty adventure. Really getting back to their roots type of episode




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