OBJ Hit Is Your Debate Of The Day

NY Giants fans and anyone who plans on drafting OBJ in the 1st round of their fantasy draft collectively held their breath last night as Beckham got drilled in the legs after catching a pass

Beckham jogged off the field and even was jogging back to the locker room when this happened

This was about the time where everyone pooped themselves. But Beckham returned to the sidelines later on and was walking around. He’s being diagnosed with an ankle sprain so everyone can get off the ledge. Beckham basically said it hurts but he’ll be fine. But the story isn’t finished. This has turned into a debate. One at first I thought was a product of there being not much news out there so they made this a big deal so that Espn and other outlets can have something to talk about. But after examining the situation, I’m confident this would be talked about as well if it was in the middle of the season mostly because it’s Beckham.

The debate is whether or not the hit on OBJ is a dirty play. The majority of the pundits, analysis and anyone with a microphone are saying it’s not a dirty play. That the rules have been molded in such a way that a defensive player is forbidden to aim high on a receiver. That the only way to not get a flag and a fine is to aim low. Those are the rules that the c̶a̶r̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶e̶m̶p̶l̶o̶y̶e̶e̶s̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶l̶t̶h̶ Roger Goodell have created to protect players from head injuries. Not everyone believes the hit was clean

Collins also said
“He could have made a play on the ball, he could have hit him high,” Collins told reporters after the game. “He chose a different route. I can’t respect him.”

I understand that Collins is his teammate and I respect that he has his guy’s back but the DB wasn’t in any kind of a position to make a play on the ball. And Landon being a DB knows the rules are built for this to be the consequence of players not being able to go high. You’re going to have guys missling themselves into the knees of players. It’s super frustrating because you ask why didn’t he just hit them in the chest? Then you watch the tape and you see that the offensive player ducked and the defensive player was all ready going for the chest and therefore clipped him in the head. Then that guy gets a flag and a fine. So the only way to avoid all that is to go low. Until the league outlaws going low, which they will never do because you can’t get a concussion from getting hit in the knees, this will keep happening and we will have to listen to this discussion about it when we all pretty much know that this is NFL football 2017



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