The Cavs Trade Kyrie To Boston For I. Thomas, Crowder And A Few 1st Round Picks

I got this one wrong. I thought Kyrie and Lebron were going to make it work and keep it together and try and take down the Warriors one last time. It was even getting to the point where nothing much has been said about it the last few weeks and people were starting to push the idea of the two of them making nice for a year before Lebron goes his inevitable way. But then like a RKO, The Vertical comes out of no where

And then some clearer details emerged

Just wow. Just absolutely wow. Did not see that coming. Nobody did. Maybe Danny Ainge did but nobody else. Boston now has a strong 5 with Irving, Hayward, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris and Horford. They also get to keep Marcus Smart who works well with what they want him to do. It’s complete loony toons that Boston gets Hayward and Irving in one off season. Danny Ainge hit like 5 grand slams with this off season. This is a team that fell in the eastern conference finals. Now they’re better than they were last year. As for the team that beat them in the eastern conference finals, the Cavs, they get a guy in Isaiah Thomas who finished 5th this past year in MVP voting. Like one of those big bruising running backs in the 90s that analysts would say would gets stronger in the 4th quarter, Thomas thrived in the 4th quarter who also averaged 28pts a game. Both Kyrie and Thomas averaged near 6 assists. The Cavs still have Lebron and that’s enough to still have a good chance to represent the east. They still have Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Their bench is still very weak and will again hold them back.

It certainly appears that Boston is trending upward. I feel like Cleveland got a bit worse. I’d rather have Kyrie than Thomas. They’re both gamers, but I like Kyrie’s ability to get his own shot in a big pressure moment in the playoffs. This feels like Cleveland getting a guy who will be there who they can build around when Lebron leaves. Thomas, Love and whoever is left if Lebron leaves is a good stating to point to build around especially in the east. Either way, this is a wild trade. This trade has earned the right to be called a Block Buster trade.

PS-All roads lead to the Warriors beating whoever comes out of the east. That’s just a fact of life



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