Get Off My Planet If You’re Down With This Combination

As I was purchasing my fantasy football magazine for a reasonable $9.53, there right in front of the register being pushed on the public were these freaks of nature. I just don’t get how anyone could ever want a combination of chocolate, which is a delicious treat and Tabasco sauce, which if we’re being honest, isn’t’ very good by itself or on any kind of meat item. At the very least, go with Frank’s Red Hot. I don’t even think this would ever cross the mind of women who are pregnant when they get one of those strange food urges that I get told about when anyone is with child. Why ruin a fantastic flavor like chocolate by adding such a sub-par stinging flavor of hot sauce? It just doesn’t add up to me. If you’re somehow bored with the regular taste you get from chocolate and you just need something else to go along with, go explore what’s happening with Hershey or Nestle, not Tabasco.

This is like the select breweries that make chili beer. I’ll never believe that anyone has ever actually bought a 6 pack and drank all of them over any duration of time. What happens is they bring it to a gathering and everyone takes a sip and usually spits it out and says “that’s terrible, why would anyone ever desire this?” I suppose some companies believe there’s a market for anything.

I understand that out there in the world of food and beverage that you need to take chances with new ideas. I really do. Weird combos are out there such as dipping fries in Wendy’s Frosties, peanut butter and jelly wings and even the influx of pickle to items like sun flower seeds and booze. But there’s no good reason that this idea should of ever gotten out of the factory let alone be served to the public.

And no, I never had one of these candies so I suppose you can say something along the lines of don’t knock it till you try it. My answer to that ideology always is that I’ve never been to the great continent of Antarctica, but I know it’s cold there.




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