It Appears That Kevin Hart Is Not The Answer At Punt Returner

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if comedian Kevin Hart put on the pads and returned punts, you finally have the answer

Apparently being having the skills to absolutely kill it on stage in front of 53,000 people doesn’t translate to being able to field a routine punt with an NFL team watching.

A couple of things Kevin can do the next time he finds himself in a situation where he has to catch a punt. 1. Like an outfielder, it’s always easier to get to the ball when you’re initial step is backwards instead of forward. You see he over runs it and has to catch it over his shoulder. 2. When you field a punt the proper way to do it is to catch it over your knee. It looks like Kevin wanted to hotdog it out there and try and to impress people instead of trusting the training that he doesn’t have and rely on form. Life lesson here, don’t try and be like Dante Hall and Devin Hester, just be the best Kevin Hart the return man you can be. 3. When you make a mistake, don’t compound it by making another one. Hart fumbles the ball and like the comedian he is does his best Cam Newton impression by not jumping on it. That’s going to draw the ire of his critics and coaches.

Not saying Hart doesn’t have a place in the league, I just think he needs to work on the fundamentals before the coaching staff can trust him in a real game. The road is long but he can take solace that many have come before him.



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