The Feeling In The Air Due To McGregor Mayweather Is Electric

I understand that by now most of you have been fully saturated with analysis, articles, blogs, music jingles to the point where you just want this to get over with. I can understand that. But it’s 8:26AM and I’m at my usual coffee shop and a bunch of old people who know nothing about boxing have been talking about the fight for the last 20 minutes. Fight night is here and it feels great. There’s such an angst in the air you cut it with a knife. It feels like there’s no rules or laws today. That you can do whatever you want because people are just so jazzed to finally watch this fight. It’s like the feeling you get when you’re 3 hours into a wedding. You feel completely bulletproof. Today has a super bowl like feeling to it and a big part of that is due to betting. The amount of money that is going exchanging hands within today is going to be crazy. Everyone who has the ability to communicate has some sort of opinion on tonight’s show. Either they’re for McGregor or Mayweather big time, or just down for the event that it will be or have seen enough talk about it on daytime TV. Everyone has a take. Hell, my 85 year old grandmother who couldn’t tell you Mike Tyson is has an opinion on tonight. This is a social event like none other. It’s like Game of Thrones on serious roids. Even the people who hate sports will undoubtedly get dragged into some kind of conversation about it and will probably sigh and react with a shmarmy to cool for school response.

The last time I felt this kind of energy in the air was when Tyson faced Lewis for the first time. It was all anyone could talk about. I was 16 and everyone I knew had a party for it. The fight ended up being a dud but it didn’t matter. The gathering of people losing their minds over something they don’t understand was fantastic. Now I think if this fight is a dud and it goes the distance and Mayweather wins by decision or something along those line, people will lose their minds and lash out on social media. But that’s to be expected in the 2017. Whatever. I know I’ll still have a great time tonight and that’s all I care about.



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