Baptizing People In The Stanley Cup Is A Real Slippery Slope

Because we love hockey here at 2nd Saturday, we felt it prudent to cover this hot and juicy story and when a story deals with sacraments you know we’ll be there to give you the scoop. Just can’t help ourselves.

Just look at what’s happening here. Pittsburgh Penguins player Josh Richardson is with his wife and they’re treating the Stanley Cup like it was any kind of trinket that has fallen out of the tabernacle. I think this is a very progressive thing to do in 2017 but I don’t think I ever saw any pictures of Gordie Howe doing anything with the cup besides drinking whiskey out of it and getting into heated debates about the Truman administration. But like I said, this is 2017 and millennials are all about pushing boundaries even though none of them go to church or even know what it’s like to go on a retreat before receiving confirmation. And since numbers are down, the good Lord has had to be more lenient with the rules about getting into house. Like they say, no to Lords are the same and even though the Lord may be willing to let this slide it doesn’t mean Lord Stanley has to take this lying down. If I’m the Richardsons, I’d expect a level 5 haunting in the near future.

We’re a country that has a big problem when we see our athletes praying before they start their game or when they lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs that you just gotta believe that there’s going to be some kind of backlash here. We like our athletes to be robots and not to give any piece of their personality to the viewer. So this whole showing off your faith seems like a slap in the face of an American value that we have been promoting and that is you really shouldn’t have emotion because that emotion might force someone else to have an unpleasant emotion and making sure that doesn’t happen is more important with how you want to live your life. Get with the program.

Why I think this act might be a slippery slope is because I tend to look at the big picture and in doing so I wonder what’s next? Today we have people jettisoning people into original sin using the Stanley Cup tomorrow we have people using the Larry O’Brien trophy as a basket to collect shekels(just did my best Tim Whatley) from the parishioners or we have folks using the Lombardi Trophy to conduct exorcisms. Pandora’s box has been opened and there’s no telling what the future has in stored.




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