Full Circle Moment: Osweiler Is Back To Being A Bronco

In a move that feels like of one of those moves where the NFL tries squeezing in some earth shattering decision under the radar by doing it on a holiday weekend as if people aren’t going to realize what they did, the Denver Broncos did just that and have reclaimed their once thought of air apparent to Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler after he was cut by the Cleveland Browns. Gotta hand it to John Elway. As much as I will defend it to my grave that he wasn’t as good a QB than Marino, he knows what he’s doing in the front office. This move doesn’t solidify that claim, it just adds to it. He offered the Brocket Launcher 3 years for $45 million in 2016 only for Brock to take a 4 year $72 million deal in Houston, which I would of done as well. Brock goes to Houston, finds a way not to be able to get he ball to DeAndre Hopkins, gets traded to Cleveland in a Moneyball type trade that allowed Houston to get out from under the rest of Osweiler’s awful contract, gets talked about how he might be the starter for week 1 of 2017 only to have rookie QB Deshone Kizer be named the opening day starter, to being cut by Cleveland on Friday and now in a true circle of life occurrence has the opportunity to rekindle the barely lit flame that he had in Denver when he was there 2 years ago.

What’s wild is that Cleveland is still on the hook for the $16 million he was due to make for this year so though he’s in Denver, for the time being, he’s getting paid $16 large from Cleveland and with the $37 million he got from the one year in Houston that’s a cool $53 million. Some may say that it must not feel that good to have a team pay $16 million dollars to have you not play with them but then you realize that a team is paying you $16 million dollars not to work and you just laugh your face off.

Now I never ran a professional sports team but if I was trying to rebuild a struggling franchise and I wanted to go the Billy Beane route and find creative analytic ways to put together a roster, I don’t think a road I would go down would be to pay $16 million for essentially a 2nd pick, which is what Cleveland did. Maybe I’m way off there but moves like that aren’t going to have Jerry Jones sliding an offer on a piece of paper as you sit in an empty AT&T Stadium.

Brock is back in Mile High because Paxton Lynch is hurt and that he has familiar with the Broncos offense so the decision to bring him to Denver isn’t ridiculous. Honestly, if you don’t think that Brock will find his way on to the field in Denver you just aren’t reading this situation right. This has redemption written all over it and I for one hope it happens quick. I need to be told about Brock’s measurables like I need water to survive. Trever Siemian doesn’t hold a place in Elway’s heart like Brock does. John doesn’t just offer $45 million contracts to just any barely functioning backup QB. Only with Osweiler, so yeah, he’s getting on the field eventually.

Another aspect of this story that I personally love is how it looks like we finally have a passing of the torch of the QB that constantly still gets jobs in the NFL regardless of how much they don’t play which we all know the king of that was Matt Flynn. Guy was a true wizard in deception. He turned 2 games into an 8 year career and $20 million dollars. And what’s fantastic is that he’s had his eyes on Brock for a bit

All hail to the king Matt Flynn, taking it easy for all us sinners



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