I Just Found Out That Pete Sampras Has Been Married To Veronica Vaughn For The Last 17 Years Thus My Mind Is Blown

Unbelievable that on a full blooded Second Saturday that I find out that one of the greatest tennis players in the history of the sport is married to Bridgette Wilson or as the rest of humanity knows her Veronica Vaughn. How could I not know about this? How hasn’t this been a topic of discussion every day for the past 17 years? Makes no sense to me that I could of been a part of this planet and not one person would have the decency to tell me about this. The nerve of everyone else, keeping critical information like this from me. Who do you think you are letting me go through life wondering what ever happened to Ms. Vaughn. Irresponsibility at its highest form. We’re supposed to be living in a society where people pick each other up, not keep someone in the dark about one of every mid 90s young adolescents dudes crushes marital life. That’s just wrong.

Bridgette Wilson has always been an actress that I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t a huge mega star. I mean, she’s was and still is drop dead gorgeous so why didn’t it happen for her? Perhaps she didn’t want to be a star. Who knows. All I know is that she still holds a special spot in my heart. And I’m at peace with that. Great job Pete, better be treating her right.

Also, she was the bomb in Mortal Kombat



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