Here’s The Deal: If You Listen To Music In Public Places Without Headphones You Need To Cut it Out

I know this is the second Here’s The Deal that involves headphones but I just witnessed this and had to get this written before my frustration weakened.

All I wanted to do was go to the grocery store, buy some chicken patties and get home so I can relax and think about where my Big Ball team went wrong yesterday but no, I couldn’t have that. I had to go down the aisle where this vagrant was casually listening to some death metal music (not knocking the music but based on the guys get up there wasn’t a chance he’d be listening to anything else) very loudly all to himself without headphones. Unfortunately, sound travels outward when you don’t use headphones and if you’re anywhere within 20ft of a guy like this, you will hear it. And you’re aren’t looking for that when you’re in the grocery store. You want to go in there get your items, maybe catch a Kings Of Leon tune over the speakers in the ceiling that everyone is sort of hearing and get out of there without making eye contact to anybody. You’re not looking to pick up some exotic spices and when you get to that section you have to hear the screams of Khemmis roaring over your personal space. I take personal space pretty seriously and that was something I didn’t need in my life.

We’re trying to live in a society where people are for the most part pulling in the same direction so it blows my mind that someone would go ahead and buck the idea of if you’re going to listen to music, except when driving, you use headphones. Exactly what are you thinking about? What’s telling your brain that this is the way to go? You should be thrown in prison and be forced to put together headphones which immediately get smashed to pieces right in front of the person after they put it together. It unusual but no where near cruel. It fits the crime of taking it upon yourself and trying to interject their music taste into my life without me asking you to do that. That’s the punishment society wants





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