Looks Like The Dolphins Bucs Game Will Be Moved To Week 11

Well this sucks on many levels. I remember last week when hurricane Irma just got its sea legs, right after Harvey did its damage hearing the rumblings that Irma had a very good chance of hitting the US when Miami were to be hosting Tamp Bay in the home opener and I thought to myself that a lot could happen between now and then Well, then is very likely happening this weekend. With this potential of a monster storm heading to Florida when football games were scheduled to play, the NFL began figuring out how they were going to handle this and it appears that they have landed on a solution.

There was talks about having the game on Thursday but that idea never got traction. The plan of having it in other neutral sites, which from what I read is what the Miami and Tampa want the NFL to do, remains an option but it’s not the leading one. The leader in the club house is having the game played on Nov 19 when both teams have a bye. It makes sense and Miami wouldn’t lose a home game, which if played on a neutral site would relegate them to only 6 home games because they’re playing in London later in the season. It just sucks that each team would have to play 16 weeks in a row. Not something the players would be into at all. This wouldn’t be the first time Miami had to move a game due to a hurricane. I remember back in 2004 Miami was hosting the Titans and they played the game on the Saturday before because hurricane Ivan was coming on Sunday. They played in an empty stadium. I remember Direct TV wouldn’t show the game due to cable rights or it was a blackout or something annoying so I went off the grid and made no contact with people who would spoil the outcome of the game. Next day, the Sunday Ticket showed the game at 1 and I watched it like it was happening live. Long story short, Travis Henry killed Miami.

The much more important level in all this are the people in the Caribbean who will start to feel the power of this storm tomorrow and for the people in Florida who will probably be getting it this weekend. After everything that Harvey did last week in Houston and other areas in Texas created so much damage, damage that made me completely speechless when seeing the pictures and video, it’s completely terrible/unfair that Mother Nature is sending a potentially bigger threat in Irma. I mean there’s never a good time to have a storm like this ever hit a place where people are but to do it a week after a hurricane like Harvey is awful. Currently, Irma is already a category 5 hurricane and it is heading into warmer waters, which is fuel for hurricanes. There’s been more than just loose talk of Irma becoming a the first ever category 6 hurricane. That’s friggin wild to me. This hurricane is nothing to be trifled with and I pray that people figure out a way to literally survive this storm. Everything you saw last week about folks like Kevin Hart and JJ Watt raising money for Harvey will be happening again, so if you have the ability to give please do.

Just look at this wrecking ball

Oh yeah because Mother Nature is apparently in some kind of a mood, tropical storm Jose is forming into a hurricane directly behind Irma



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