Purdue Pulled Off A Beautiful Double Flea Flicker And It Was BA

Just an absolutely wonderful display of trickery by Purdue, which is surprising because Purdue is from the Big 10 and like we all know, teams in the Big 10 aren’t typically sanctioned to run plays that don’t consist of dive and pop trap. So it’s no wonder that Ohio got made to look like a fool on this.

We’ve all seen flea flickers before and we all get that same feeling in our loins as soon as we see the tailback toss the ball back to the QB. It’s that anxious feeling you get when you think you’re about to see a car accident. You sort of hold your breath because you know something potentially wild and unusual is happening right before your eyes. Especially if it’s your team running the flicker, before the QB tosses it downfield visions of a wide open receiver are dancing in your head. It’s such a good feeling that I know my words can never do it justice. It’s like explaining to someone what it’s like to ride Steel Force or snagging a a prime parking spot on Black Friday. You need to experience it for yourself.

The only thing worse than getting fooled to death by a trick play like a flea flicker is being a fan of a team that’s running such a play only to have it sniffed out from the word go and have it go absolutely no where. That’s a feeling that’ easy to explain. It’s utter disappointment, a feeling everyone has experienced. You think to yourself, how did the defense know that was coming? They haven’t ever run that play and no one bought it, what the hell is that? That’s when you start to think that today just isn’t your teams day when you can’t fool them when you change it up just for a play. Been there to many times that I can count.

I do remember my favorite trick play moment of my life. When the Wildcat was running wild on the league and every week Miami were finding new awesome ways to hide their weak armed QB Chad Pennington, they unveiled this gem. The wide-openness of Cobbs is mesmerizing. What a season. I want that feeling again. That feeling that my rag-tag team of weirdos were smoke and mirroring everyone. But not Baltimore. Baltimore had no time for hijinks



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