Sadly, It Looks Like The Sea-Bass Era Is Coming To An End

It comes with an extremely heavy heart that the world that we know it of Sebastian Jankikowki kicking the hell out of the ball for the Oakland Raiders may becoming to an end.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the 39 year old and Raiders all-time leading scorer is finished but it means that a 39 year old kicker has been put on the IR. When I saw this, I immediately got the feeling that this was going to be it for the Polish Cannon. You simply don’t see many 39 year old kickers get put on the IR only to be thought of enough to be brought back to the team to contribute.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Janikowski. From being drafted in the 1st round, which snapped the necks of GMs everywhere when they turned and saw what Al Davis had done. Drafting a kicker in the 1st round had never happened before so the Raiders, in classic Raiders fashion, decided the bulky kicker from FSU was the guy they needed to put more points on the board in the 2000 draft. It’s not easy dealing with the pressure of being a 1st round pick let alone being a 1st round pick who’s a kicker. Lot a pressure there. Rob Aguayo was a 2nd round kicker last year and he’s currently out of the league because the lights were to bright. Little did Oakland know that they drafted a fan favorite. A player who did things his own way and didn’t cater to the folks who wanted a squeaky clean kicker. He was brash and he never cared to much about having a Hollywood body. He was the everyman that encompassed the perceived renegade life style that folks attributed to the silver and black. He was an outlaw, he was the perfect Raider.

Ever since he got into the league, my friends and I always joked about how Sea-Bass and former Raiders punter, Shane Lechler, who was one of the leagues best for many years, ran the Oakland Raiders. We joked that they made every move on the team and only did things when they wanted too. That they were on the sidelines drinking beer and smoking cigs in between times where they were needed. We said this because the both of them were always ranked at the near top of the league in their respected categories. We still feel this was about Janikowski.

Now it appears that Sea-Bass is coming to the end of his fantastic career and that’s sad. The guy with the super strong leg, who never showed an ounce of fear is on figuratively on his last leg with a back injury and to me, it doesn’t look like he’s long for the NFL world. I hope I’m wrong and he’s able to keep going. But, I’ve seen many players succumb to father time and it’s never a fun sight especially for guys like Sebastian. It’s moments like this that I recall the moments where a player made an impact. Fortunately, the power of YouTube will forever be on my side.

This is Sea-Bass banging out a then tying 63 yard long field goal

This is Sea-Bass hitting yard and looking like a guy you never want to mess with and some kicks

But this is my all time Sea-Bass moment. Him trying a 76 yard field goal with No Fear. Friggin magnanimous



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