Here’s The Deal: I’ll Never Understand How Someone Could Take The Time And Put A Street Sign Upside Down

I was driving to work the other day and I noticed a road sign that was turned upside down. I’ve seen signs that end up like this my whole life, we all have. But when I saw this particular sign the thought occurred to me; how can anyone want to put in the effort to just mildly annoy anyone and at the very most have that person give the slightest of eye rolls? The payoff doesn’t fit the act. I’m not even sure if there is a payoff. What do these folks think is going to happen, that a person is going to see a stop sign upside down and wonder what in Sam Hill is going on? Do I still have to stop at this? What in the world is happening!!

I realize that these road signs that have been unfortunately caught up in someone’s tomfoolery are the works of kids, at least I hope it’s kids because if it’s not kids than we have an even bigger, stranger problem on our hands, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that a kid needs to get a ladder, screwdriver/wrench and manually put in the work necessary to pull off this display of teenage angst. I understand that I should be pleased that in today’s world that a teenager who actually chooses to put in the time to put in hard work and use tools that aren’t a fidget spinner or an IPhone should be commended but I’m sorry, I’m not going to tip my cap to someone who goes through all that’s involved with turning a street sign upside down when the end result is plainly minimal. I’d rather a teenager just stay inside and start an online Madden league because virtual football glory is so much more rewarding.


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