Cam Newton’s Comments Were Dumb And Sexist But We’ve All Been Put In Our Place By A Girl Who Knows Her Sports

Really stupid of Cam here. Just really stupid. Can’t defend what he said at all. I can write that it’s 2017 and you just can’t say that but it doesn’t matter what era it is. You shouldn’t say that. It makes you look like a real doucher and a guy who thinks that women can’t possibly understand the the alleged complexities of NFL football. Not saying anyone can learn it just like that, but if you study the rules for the positions and the technique that is taught, you can hold your own in a conversation with a football lifer.

Also, Cam should of realized that this wouldn’t go well. I mean he’s having a press conference with people asking him questions about football. Probably a good idea to believe that everyone in the room has a slight understanding of how the game is played even if the don’t. But hey, go out there and belittle a woman for asking about routes. This is all from a guy who recently dressed up like a villain that Batman needs to thwart. I think that’s what is funny here.

Buuuuuuut, as a guy who loves sports, I have been put in my place and completely stunned by girls who know their sports. There’s just no way to predict when a girl who’s wearing a Dolphin’s hat only likes the team because she likes the colors or a girl who’s wearing a Dolphin’s hat and can tell me how much she marked out when Greg Camarillo scored the game winning TD during their 1-15 season. You just can’t be sure. It’s easy to say you should feel that every girl you come across knows as much about sports as you but the odds say that won’t be the case very often. But man when you find a girl who can banter with you with real knowledge about the game going on, you just know you have to do everything and anything to marry that girl right on the spot.

So for Cam, best to come out and apologize and say you were stupid to say those things and let the next NFL controversy happen. As for the rest of us, if you find a girl that’s crushing you in a sports conversation, don’t get mad, get on her good side and show her you can hang. Just don’t be freaked out when a girl knows what she’s talking about. Or at least handle it like Van


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