Genius Move By Von Miller Saying That Odell Beckham Should Be The Highest Paid Player In The NFL

Live look at Von Miller being a genius

Von Miller just came out and said Odell Beckham should be not the highest paid receiver in the NFL but the highest paid player in the NFL. Here’s what he said

“Odell should be the highest-paid player ever in the National Football League,” Miller said Wednesday ahead of Sunday night’s matchup, when his Denver Broncos will host Beckham’s winless New York Giants.

“He should be the highest-paid player ever, regardless of position. That’s just the type of player he is. It doesn’t matter if it’s quarterback, offensive line, receiver. It doesn’t matter. The type of impact that he has on the globe, the type of viewers that he brings — just him as a player. That makes up for him not playing quarterback.

“So, he’s a once in a lifetime player. Definitely deserving. There’s no reason that he won’t come back and be the same type of player. That’s just one of the guys that you invest in. When you get a guy like that, that’s the guy that you invest in, that you want to keep around for his whole career.”

So if you do a little bit of research you’ll find that Miller and Beckham are boys so it’s no surprise that Miller would talk up his guy’s name when his team is playing the Giants and especially after Beckham just broke his ankle and is out for the year. We know from the offseason that Odell said he wants to be the highest paid Overall player in the NFL.

Now we all saw Beckham hurt his ankle in the preseason and then saw him sit out the first 2 weeks of the regular season because of that injury. And I’m assuming that most out there saw Adam Schefter actually draw a line in the sand and stand for something on Monday. Just listen to his passion.

It’s weird to hear that out of someone as non confrontational as Schefter because for the vast majority of situations when a player is being thought of as a guy that might hold out, everyone always takes the side of Ryan Clark and that is that the player should just get out there and leave no doubt that you deserve. Or, to better clarify it, the general fan just says, “you’re making 1.8 million dollars to play a game. I’d do it for free.” Love when that gets mentioned. Because there’s a universe apparently out there where Joey 9 to 5iver would have no problem being near the top receiver in the league and be completely comfortable being paid as the 60th highest paid receiver. That’s right. Odell is the 60 highest paid receiver this year. And yes I know that’s how rookie contracts work and that’s how the game is played. But if Odell held out for the big contract before the year started as opposed to not holding out, I’d have no problem with it. Teams can get rid of a guy whenever they feel like. Only fair that a player can hold out whenever they feel like. Doesn’t guarantee a big pay day, but hold out and see what happens. Or, not hold out and play and hopefully you kill it and don’t get hurt. Typically, that’s what happens but unfortunately, Beckham’s ankle got shattered. What happens next is anyone’s guess. My guess is that he gets signed to the big huge contract and is the highest paid RECEIVER in the league. The keyword was written in bold. That puts him with a contract over $81 million with around $40 million guaranteed. Not the worst of paydays, but also not the highest paid overall player in the league. He’ll get over it.

Now, as to why this is a genius move by Von Miller. Yes they’re buddies for life and friends got each other’s back and all but I’m a cynic and I look for the ulterior motive in everything. It’s good business for Miller to say that a WR should be the highest paid player in the league. You get a defensive end saying a WR should be the highest paid overall player then you get the WRs saying that the next big defensive end or defensive linemen cough cough Aaron Donald cough cough should be the highest player in the league. A real you scratch my back I’ll get yours paid situation. Hell, Miller should say that Matt Prater should be the highest paid player of all time. Get the kickers, WRs and other positions, except for QBs, to start saying that defensive players should be being paid more can only lead to more talk about that happening. That’s what you’re trying to generate from all this. A discussion about if that should be the case. Might not lead to them being the highest paid overall player but it might get a team to say “fine, we’ll give him an extra $2 mill.” And even though Miller just signed a 6 year $114 milion dollar contract through 2021, it’s never to early to start thinking about numba 1.

So as I’m sure Miller was standing up for his boy in his time of need and that’s a very positive and cool thing, I still think that Miller is an advanced thinker and is putting into motion a major domino effect where all the positions in the league start screaming from the mountain top that every other position in the league should get more money than every other position. Except QBs

PS- That video of Leapin Lonny Poffo is a spot-on match to Von Miller except for the whole, you know, him having a beard. Yeah that’s it


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