I’m All In On Jackie Chan’s New Movie The Foreigner

I realize I’m a few days late on this, but I’m beyond excited for this movie. Also, don’t get this confused with Stevan Segal’s 2003 movie The Foreigner. This won’t nearly be as bad or Segaly for obvious reasons. I saw the trailer for this the other day for the first time and I was instantly hooked. It gave me the same BA vibe as I got when I first saw Taken with Liam Neeson which is interesting because based on the trailer it looks like they’re setting up a similar story line with Chan’s daughter being killed and Chan taking it upon himself to seek justice. It looks like it has everything I need in a action movie. A guy whose been wronged, guy whose been wronged takes the law into his own hands to seek justice, guy whose been wronged whose taken the law into his own hands to seek justice is equipped with a certain set of skills that makes him a nightmare for regular folks. Even if that regular folk is Pierce Brosnan who appears to be donning an Irish accent. Fine with me. James Bond can do whatever and sound like and ethnicity he damn well pleases.

The focus is squarely on Jackie Chan. You simply don’t have a soul if you don’t just like but thoroughly enjoy anything Jackie Chan performs. I’ll be honest with you, there’s a ton of Jackie Chan films from overseas that I have never seen. I don’t try and hide that. But the stuff I have seen of him is lovely. I’ve been watching Jackie Chan since I was 9 when I first saw Rumble In The Bronx and myself and any other like minded 5th grader tried duplicating all the ridiculous and near impossible stunts that Jackie did. Needless to say it was a bummer when I couldn’t get my hands on a hovercraft to water ski without water skis but we made due with just doing light parkour in the yard. Then the Rush Hour movies happened and they were all gold Jerry gold. Matching Chan up with Chris Tucker was splendid and anybody who disagrees just doesn’t like fun. I also remember he hosted an episode of SNL and he crushed it. I firmly recall a sketch where he was training with Nick Burns your company computer guy that was hilarious. Then for me came the remake of The Karate Kid and so many people shat all over it because it didn’t have the same feel as the 80s versions. Well no friggin duh a movie made in 2010 won’t have the same warm and fuzzy feel that the movies we grew up with had. Happens all the time. Chan played the role of Mr. Miyagi whose name in the film was Mr. Han and it was far different than the typical role Chan played in the US. It was a much more depressing role, a much more psychological role and he nailed it. Chan showed in that film to me and countless others that he’s more than just a guy who does wild action sequences. He showed his range and that’s what draws me so much to this film. He’s portraying a man who has lost his daughter and though there are plenty of scenes where he shows off his skills of being an amazing stuntman, which I’m sure he does all his own stunts because he always has and given that he’s 63 years old makes that likely fact even more awesome, but that he has the ability to get you to watch him and buy in as he struggles with something that nobody can put into words exactly what they would do or feel.

Will The Foreigner win an Oscar? Probably not. Will it be massively entertaining? You better believe it. Can’t wait to see all the spots Jackie gets out of and watch as fends off 15 guys at once using only a spoon and a belt. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a spot where he jumps out of an envelope and lays waste to a dozen bad guys. I’m aiming for Tuesday to go see it so don’t ruin anything for me. Thanks, means alot.

Here’s some obligatory scenes from Rumble In The Bronx




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