Believe It Or Not Airlines Don’t Like It When You Throw Coins Into The Engines Of Planes For Luck

TravelLandLeisure– A Lucky Air flight was delayed for hours in Anqing, in eastern China’s Anhui province, on Wednesday.It wasn’t due to weather or mechanical errors, but rather because a passenger tossed a few coins directly into the plane’s engine for good luck.According to Channel News Asia, fellow passengers boarding the Lucky Air flight were the first to notice the elderly woman’s pre-flight ritual, and reported it crew members onboard. Upon inspection, crew members found a number of coins lying on the tarmac next to the plane’s engines.The 76-year-old woman was taken into custody after the coins were found, transport police told Channel News Asia. It was not reported whether the woman would face charges for her actions.Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a person has been taken into custody for throwing coins into a plane’s engine. As CNN reported, an 80-year-old woman was also taken into custody in China in June for the same action.“The passenger, surnamed Qiu, who has no prior criminal record or mental health issues, claimed she tossed coins as a prayer for a safe flight,” Shanghai Police said in a statement at the time.

So it turns out, just in case you were thinking about throwing some Loose Change into the engine of a plane for good luck that you will be seen by passengers who are traveling on that plane and you will be arrested. I know several of you out there had your hearts set on keeping everyone safe by hurling a shlocks worth of currency into one of the main things that you need to successfully fly a plane but I feel it’s my duty to inform you that the people who run the airlines and everyone else in the world who uses planes to get around don’t actually want you to do that.

My question is, how long has this been going on for? I mean you don’t just hit the age of 76 and start thinking to yourself “you know what, I really want me and everyone else to make it till the end of the plane ride, better toss some money into the engine just so we definitely get to where we need to go.” You’ve been doing this for a while and just thinking about that can keep many people up all night. The most wild part of the whole thing was this admission;

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time a person has been taken into custody for throwing coins into a plane’s engine.

Apparently this happens as often as someone getting their elbows hit by the drink cart. Which leads me to my next question; do planes fly better when their engines are full of coins? I ask because I’ve never heard of a plane crashing because their engines were full of coins. Maybe these people who throw coins into engines know something we don’t. Or maybe these people are just insane and need to be as far away from plane as I am from Pluto. Gotta be one or the other



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