What Kind Of A World Are We Living In When An NFL Receiver Gets His Bike Stolen

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions for Steeler’s receiver Ju Ju Smith Schuster the past few days. First on Sunday, Ju Ju scores a TD then polishes it off with a dynamite end zone celebration, his second fire flames celebration this year.

Then after the Steelers beat the Bengals this past Sunday, which was partly due to Ju Ju’s celebration making the rest of his teammates more relaxed, teammate and receiver brethren and heck of a nice guy Martavis Bryant goes out on Twitter to let everyone know where his 18 catches for 234 yards for the year really stack up

Don’t worry, the ultimate team guy that Martavis is let everyone know that wasn’t what he meant because saying that another player isn’t as good as you can possibly mean something else.

“JuJu is the future and got great talent and is going to be one of the best to play this game,” Bryant explained. “I want him to get his. I just want mines, period, point-blank. Ain’t nobody did nothing to get me back. I worked my ass off to get myself back with no help and little support, period. In due time the process will show.”

Now after all that you’d think things would settle down for Ju Ju, but you’d be dead wrong. At 8;47AM yesterday morning the unbelievable happened

I know Ju Ju is trying to be strong by laughing to himself about his bike getting stolen but you don’t have to Greg Focker’s father in law to see that is a man who’s about to break down. Credit to him for not collapsing in front of everyone on camera but just understand that strong men also cry.

As a kid, you’re most prized possession is your bike. Friendships are started and lost everyday due to what kind of bike you have and if you could do any sweet tricks. Essentially, you’re entire reputation can be written with that 2 wheeled machine that you ghost ride into your yard. Though I was pretty weak when it came to table-tops I had a very consistent and durable Pacific Mt. Bike. Not as flashy as a Diamondback or a Mongoose but it was twice as gritty. A lunch pale bike if you will. Got me through several rides to the Hosie damn. So I feel for Ju Ju having his bike stolen and I respect him for not using a bike chain to lock it up mainly because I could never be bothered with ever getting one. I think I was given one for a birthday once and I internally rolled my eyes and said to myself “biggest waste of 10 bucks I’ve ever seen.” I still believe this.

I just hope that the person, who obviously doesn’t have a soul thus why they’re stealing bikes, has what’s coming to them. Hope the chain pops and they go flying into another dimension where NFL receivers just continually stock block them into paste, put him back together and stock block him into a paste again and again.

UPDATE: Call the search party off, Ju Ju Smith Schuster’s bike has been located!!!

Look at that bike. It’s so thrilled that it’s not at some chop shop for bicycles where it gets cut up. Bless the soul of this ordinary citizen that stepped up and wouldn’t let a thief rule the day. Turns out that there is some good left in this world.

PS- Hope Ju Ju scores this week and has a bike themed celebration. I’d like that


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