The Dolphins Played As Bad As They Could But Nothing Is Over

I like to take at least a day after any Dolphin’s game to truly assess how they did and what everything means going forward. With that being said and after reviewing the game and thinking about all the factors that led to their performance and the output they produced I have come to the conclusion that Miami didn’t play good on Thursday. I hope you were sitting down for that. I know it’s kind of an earth shattering take to have but if you’re being honest about it saying Miami didn’t play their best football is the only logical way to look at it.

Where do you start when it comes to breaking down each unit on the team because all of them played atrocious. I wrote in my pre game blog that Miami historically gets boat-raced by the Ravens no matter who’s on the team and that there was a very good chance that could happen again and like Billy Ho losing all of the Jeopardy money, it happened again. Everybody wanted Matt Moore to be starting, which they had good reason for, and Thursday he showed a lot of the reasons why he is in fact a backup. But I would also say that the offensive line did him no favors. The guy was running for his life and getting bodied seemingly every play. Cutler, Tannehill or even some wild situation where you rammed Tom Brady and Mike Vick into each other giving you some crazy hybrid of both of them weren’t going to succeed with that offensive line play. That line got abused from the get go and that’s a problem because everything starts with them. No one can do their job if they don’t. But, that’s what happens when you try and address your offensive line by filling the roster spots with all journeymen……. and 1st round picks. Due to the line getting mauled by Baltimore, Jay Ajayi couldn’t find any place to go. What’s worse is that they kept running that inside draw play from the gun for about negative 3 million yards. That and the consistency that Miami has at running WR screens that always go for negative yards is so hard to handle.

Offensively, Matt Moore had his chance to at least make it a conversation to who should start between him and Jay Cutler and though it wasn’t all his fault, throwing two pick 6s in a game that was already over isn’t going to win a job.

Defensively, the Dolphin’s got taken to task over and over again by the running game of the Ravens. Alex Collins, who’s a shoe-in for the runner who runs like Marion Barber award, bullied his was through the Dolphin’s d-line and into the second level of the defense consistently. He was so hard for them to tackle. It looked like it took 2-3 guys every play to bring him down. So disheartening for a defensive to get ran over and over again. The secondary had just an alright night. They gave up the TD pass to Maclin as if they didn’t get burned last week by Jermaine Kearse and Robbie Anderson. I don’t understand how that happens two weeks in a row unless the answer is that they simply aren’t good enough to have that not happen. I say the secondary played alright because they only had to defend 23 passes and only gave up 121 yards. Baltimore didn’t have to pass.

The Kiki Alonso hit was the big talking point beside the great commentary by Romo about a cat that ran onto the field. You’ve heard both sides the past day and a half. One side saying there was nothing Kiko could do and how can a defensive player who’s running at full speed supposed to pull up when a QB slides. Not like he knows when he’s going to slide. That Flacco slid late. Then there’s the other side that says that Kiko should be castrated and put on death row for such a vicious hit. I tend to side on the first side I mentioned. If Kiko, who’s running as fast as could were to hold up and not drill Flacco because he didn’t want to get a penalty and Flacco fakes him out and keeps running instead of sliding then the narrative that gets said is that Kiko is the biggest idiot ever. Like Kiko said, it’s a bang bang play. If Flacco pops right up and signals first down this isn’t a discussion but his helmet got ripped off and his brain was in another galaxy ordering drinks. Kiko gets fined and probably gets suspended a game though he shouldn’t get either.

Another laughable moment in the game that wasn’t the Dolphin’s play was when Ndamkong Suh was defending himself from known bully Ryan Mallett

If you were wondering has anyone’s life ever flashed before their eyes any harder than Mallett’s the answer would be a hard no.

Special teams were God awful. I don’t know what kind of pictures punter Matt Haack has on the Dolphin’s brass, but they must be real damning because he kicked and has been kicking poorly all year. Parkey missed a kick which sucks but it was his first miss all year. Nothing to worry about yet. I have to say that I’ve been disappointed in JaKeem Grant. I really thought this guy was going to be a player that was going to contribute all over the place. Well it seems I was way off. I realize he’s a major speed guy but at this point he needs to realize that this isn’t Texas Tech and needs to hit the middle instead of taking everything out wide. Just a thought.

As you could imagine, Adam Gase wasn’t to thrilled with how his team played. He had some choice words for the squad

In this fun filled press conference, Gase says “at some point, guys need to realize that it takes a little bit of effort outside this building to be good” and “I’m pissed, I’m tired of this offense being awful.” Gase really went in on his players. Throughout the whole press conference Gase points out that his team aren’t a bunch of Einstein’s and since they aren’t that that is why the offense is as simplified as he could make it thus making them predicable.

Here’s the deal with Gase, he’s a very good coach. Better than Sproano and Philbin by leaps and bounds. Miami has the worst offense in the league and they’re 4-3. So many teams would kill to be 4-3 and Miami is that. If he can get to 4-3 with one of those wins over the NFC champions Falcons, he can coach. There’s a ton of football to be played. Teams that look like real deal teams will falter and teams that look like puke will rise. Happens every year. Miami did it just last year after Gase lit them up in a press conference and got rid of some guys. Does that happened this year? I don’t know, I don’t have a crystal ball. But at 4-3 and 9 games left to go I’m not ready to bury them yet. And that is why I’m proclaiming


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