A Fun Time For These Bloomsburg Freaks Is Abusing An Opossum At A Party

I graduated from PSU 9 years ago, and I know that I’m getting older even though I’m currently shelved and be taken care of in my parents house while I recover from having my appendix ripped out of me, but there wasn’t at any point during my PSU days when anyone thought it was a swell idea to find a opossum, feed it beer and kiss it. Never was there a time where there was a conversation that went like this.

Friends- Wanna have fun tonight?

Me- You know I do what do you have in mind?

Friends- We’re going to get some Old German, call the boys, come on over and while we’re there we’re going to find a opossum and we’re going to make it drink beer and kiss it. All on camera. You In?

That never was brought up as an option mainly because me and those I associated with liked ourselves and aren’t complete psychopaths. I don’t know what chemical has to be flowing in your brain to think abusing an animal, on camera no less, is the right way to go. What happened to just going to a house party, play some pong, dance to the terrible house music and cap off the night with a slice at College Pizza? When did that go out of style?

Fortunately, the folks that call the shots down at Bloomsburg are making this investigation a chief priority. This is straight from Bloomsburg’s facebook page

on TuesdayOur investigation continues into the incident involving animal cruelty. We are taking this matter very seriously and do not condone the actions depicted on social media.Any Bloomsburg University student involved will be subject to the Student Code of Conduct. Any outcomes of the judicial process will be confidential per the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).The university is aware this matter is also being investigated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The fact there a bunch of people there who were down with this is beyond crazy to me. I just can’t understand how anyone could be into this. I’m sure by now the people involved have been outed and their names have been plastered all over campus. Once you get labeled as an animal abuser you might as well move to another part of the world. You could rob a bank and people won’t completely shun you. They’ll rationalize it and say that you were in a tight spot and needed quick cash. But you go and abuse an animal, any animal doesn’t have to be a dog or cat, and you’re dead to everyone and I couldn’t agree more with that type of mantra.

I’ve never had any run ins with the opossums but they always seemed like pretty chill critters. Just kind of did they’re own thing, never looking to hurt anyone. Hope the opossums understand that these scumbags don’t in any way represent all the good minded folks out there. Really hope this little guy got out of there and is back to leading a regular opossum life.

Here’s some opossums having a grand old time






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