I’m Going To Blow My Stack If People Start Saying Andrew Luck Should Be The MVP

If you’re a Colts fan than you had to know this was coming. You finally can rest easy knowing that your season is pretty much finished

I know this next tweet doesn’t exactly make you feel any better especially if you thought they would bring Kaepernick in a look. Sorry not even renegade Jim Irsay will cross the other owners for him

Okay, you had to know after the first month of the season was over and that your team was lousy that there was a very good chance that Luck would just call it a season, get stronger and look to get ready to go next year. Who your coach will be is anyone’s guess because it will definitely not be Chuck Pagano. Maybe Jacoby Brissett is a quality player and turn him into a “first day pick” like the Patriots did with Jimmy G but Brissett when thy sent him to the Colts earlier this year. That’s fun to watch for the rest of the year I guess.

What’s going to make me mad enough to spit is that there definitely be some moron analysis say that since Luck is out for the year which made the Colts terrible, that Luck should get MVP votes. Think that’s crazy? Well it’s not. Remember back in 2011 when Peyton Manning missed the entire year for the Colts and they went 3-13, which ushered in the Andrew Luck era and sent Peyton to Denver where things worked out? Well I do and I remember a few talking heads try and spin the hot take that Peyton should  be the MVP because without him the Colts stunk up the joint. Major pile of garbage that the only way to take it seriously is to take it unseriously. Here’s what was being spewed out all the way back in 2011

New NFL Magazine Says Peyton Manning Should be MVP

Should Peyton Manning Be Considered For NFL’s MVP Award

Can You be MVP Without Playing? In Manning’s Case, Maybe

3 separate articles trying to plant the seed in your head that someone should be the MVP without playing because the rest of his team stinks. I guess Aaron Rodgers should be in the running too if the Packers continue being awful. Why not. Hell I guess Jim Kelly has been the MVP of the league every year since he retired because the Bills haven’t been good since he retired back in 1996. I understand the point that they’re trying to make but it’s a waste of perfectly good air, air that I could be breathing instead of using it to say players who aren’t playing deserve an award over players that are playing. Don’t waste the air, pretty basic stuff.

I don’t think we will get that kind of talk this year about Luck but if it does, I’m not going to be pleased. Quite the opposite actually. If you’re looking for some extra rage to get you through a workout or something, watch these dorks debate the topic


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