Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, Bob McNair And Other Owners Have To Turn Over Phones In Relation To Kaepernick Collusion Case Against NFL

Hold on to your butts. We have a showdown coming between the NFL and Colin Kaepernick and based off what just got announced and it looks like Kaepernick might have a puncher’s chance.

Here’s the hole thing

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Texans owner Bob McNair, amongst others, will be deposed and asked to turn over all cell phone records and emails in relation to the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL, a league source confirmed. Others owners, teams and league officials also will be deposed, but those individuals have been confirmed for now.

Look, here’s the thing, we all know that the league and it’s owners have done everything they can, which is to say that they all decided that they wouldn’t sign Kaepernick which doesn’t take to much effort to do, but the question now is were the owners dumb enough to send internet messages to each other telling each other not to sign him? The answer is probably. I really do believe that these folks who have tons of money and make million dollar deals on a daily basis and have created or were given massive companies from there parents though I’m told are really really smart sharp folks are stupid and cavalier enough to send messages that say we can’t have this guy in the league because it will hurt business. Maybe they deleted everything they could in the past few weeks once they found out that Kaepernick was filing a grievance against the league. They certainly are capable of deleting stuff or have someone work their phone for them because they don’t understand how a dang I-Phone works.

Before this news came out I would of said that Kaepernick had no chance of winning a case of collusion. It’s just so hard to prove that people were purposefully keeping him out of the league without actual proof. I didn’t see how it could be proven even though anyone with a brain knows that the terrible laundry list of QBs that are employed and continue to get employed like the very recent TJ Yates and Matt McGloin both who just got signed with the Texans once Deshuan Watson went down yesterday, thus ending their season along with mine and countless others fantasy seasons, aren’t as good as Kaepernick. Colin’s isn’t a top flight guy at this point in his career but he’s at least backup worthy if not bottom 10 starting caliber worthy. 16-4 TD/INT ratio tells me that.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the same thing as when Ted Wells asked Tom Brady for his phone in relation to the really stupid deflated football saga a few years ago. That was the league asking Brady to turn over his phone and Brady saying screw that to the NFL as opposed to Kaepernick’s lawyers going through real legal channels to get the select crop of owners to turn over their stuff. I felt it was important to show the difference.

Will this ability for the phone records and e-mails being turned over end up cinching a victory for Kaepernick? Probably not. I imagine the phones and e-mails will be clean because they were recently deleted. But it’s cool to see Kaepernick doing everything he can to make things at least a little bit uncomfortable to the NFL. I really hope he gets these owners to look dumb for at least a minute before they get back to living the most luxurious lives possible. But the main reason why I don’t think Kaepernick will win his case is because….



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