Blindfolded Running Should Be An Olympic Event

Now I can’t begin to tell you where exactly this is taking place but I’m confident this isn’t happening in Connecticut, Detroit or Florida. My gut is telling me this sport takes place overseas, in some random country in Africa. So finding a league around the continental US might be difficult. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who sees this shouldn’t run right out of their house, preferably with their eyes open, and get their buddies together and develop this sport here on the mainland. I think the Scranton Sports Club would be able to get so many more people to join their club if this was an option.

But getting this sport into the Scranton Sports Club is only the beginning. The ultimate goal is to get this competition into the world wide tournament of champions, the Olympics. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of them. Nobody besides my parents have heard of the Olympics and that’s a problem. What better way to get the youth interested in the Olympics like they were in the days of yesteryear then to have a sport that doesn’t take much to pull off? All you need are some people, an area to run in and a shirt to make the necessary blindfolds. It’s a very cost effective sport compared to football, lacrosse and skiing. And what better way to bring the entire world together and put aside our differences than a sport that that regulates everyone equal than a sport that requires its athletes not being to see where they’re going? So that settles it. The International Blindfold Running League has been formed. Next step is to get practicing not before several first aide kits get purchased because you will most definitely get messed up performing this sport. See you in Los Angeles in 2028.



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