Zeke’s Suspension Goes Into Effect This Week Until It Doesn’t

Live look at Zeke Elliott’s suspension

Sorry not sorry bringing some levity to this situation. Not that domestic abuse is anywhere near funny because it’s not. But I bet a good number of people have forgotten what this whole situation is about. It’s actually understandable if anyone has forgotten why Zeke is where he is. It’s the part of the case that gets glossed over the most because people’s fantasy football lineups are apparently much more important. Zeke was accused of domestic violence abuse towards an ex-girlfriend more than a year ago and the league took a year to investigate it. The league said he violated the league’s personal conduct policy based off it’s findings though in classic NFL fashion, none of the details have been released. So Zeke and his priced team of Mr. Burns’s like lawyers have appealed every suspension that was handed out to him to a turn of 5 different times that he was suspended the 6 games and 5 different times he appealed it to some sort of district, magistrate, tribunal and got reinstated. Well now it seems he definitely going to be serving the suspension…… sort of

It certainly seems that Zeke is done until week 17 unless he can travel to North Sentinel Island and have the tribe of people that inhabit the island grant him an injunction.

I have no idea if Zeke is innocent or guilty. I haven’t seen the evidence. I can tell you that police haven’t charged Elliott with domestic abuse but that hasn’t stopped the league before. They pretty much can do whatever they want. So if ruining Zeke’s reputation is what they have to do get people to believe that they’ve learned from their mistakes from the Ray Rice situation, then that is what they’ll do. If Zeke did actually do this then he should be kicked out of the league and jailed immediately. But I would imagine we will never truly know what exactly happened here. I’m just glad that this saga of Zeke being suspended and reinstated every other day seems to be over.

I also think it would be naive to believe that Zeke is a choir boy who goes home after a day of work, eats dinner and waits for the Wheel and Jeopardy to come on so that he could make himself feel better every time he gets a question or puzzle right(I swear I don’t do this every single night). He’s had several brushes with the law like the time he ripped off a girl’s top at a parade or the time he Tysoned a DJ and those were the ones we saw and heard about. Probably tons more we don’t, but that’s every player who has an unlimited bank account and gets treated like a God. Best to just watch the games, appreciate what you’re seeing, appreciate that it gives you something to do that takes your mind off your life and leave it at that. Trust me, the more you know about your favorite athletes, the worse you might be feeling. Not every time but a lot of the time.

So get Zeke out of your fantasy lineup because he’s done. You know until he gets an injunction from the folks from North Sentinel Island.

PS- I’m really pushing you to research the tribe that lives on North Sentinel Island. Here’s a taste from one of the best YouTube rabbit holes you can ever go down



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