I Think I Thought Of A Brilliant Fraud Scheme


With my recent brush with death with the whole appendix getting removed from my body, I have figured out what I believe a can’t miss fraud scheme and it has to do with doctors and surgery.

Before I unveil this genius idea, let it be known that I am anti-breaking the law. I don’t do it and I encourage you to not break the law. This scheme would be highly illegal and will put people in jail and jail is no place anyone wants to go.  Buuuuuuuut, if you ever find yourself in a bind and you just can’t think of a way to get out of a bad financial situation and you have the wherewithal to cook up this scheme, do whatever you gotta do. John Q took matters into his own hands and look at that guy. Seemed to work out for him.  Also, don’t sit there and try to play the holier than thou card like you haven’t thought of how you would rob a bank. You simply aren’t human if you don’t have a full proof way get away with a bank heist.

We know that hospitals get sued all the time for malpractice cases all the time. Wouldn’t even be surprised if Andrew Luck goes that route. My plan involves a surgeon, a patient who’s getting surgery and a 3rd party who’s orchestrating the whole thing. The person who is getting the surgery goes through with their surgery as scheduled but the surgeon, who is in on the scheme, purposely leaves a sponge in the patient getting the surgery or does something else that causes an issue. An issue where that patient sues the hospital for malpractice. The hospital investigates, comes to learn that the surgeon screwed something up and ends up settling with the patient for a major pay day. A payday that the surgeon, and the 3rd person orchestrating were counting on.

The fallout would be that for the surgeon that they get their reputation smeared and possibly their license revoked. But from the little research I’ve done, which is to say I asked a family member if this scheme has ever been done before which he said he’s never heard of it before, surgeons and doctors screw up often enough where their reputations take hits. Basically, it’s a common thing, which is good because we want this to look like your run of the mill mistake that nets us a big payday. The patient has to go through some pain. They have to be getting a legit surgery so if they want to do something to themselves that requires surgery, so be it. If they want to wait to get surgery on something they need to get done anyways, then they have to deal with the pain that follows a botched surgery. Could be a small price to pay for a ton of money.

The key is the patient and surgeon can’t have a history of knowing each other. That’s why you need the 3rd party involved just to get everyone in place. The 3rd party scouts for a surgeon that is up against the ropes. Preferably a guy who’s going through marital issues or has a big gambling debt. Convinces him that this is a sure fire way to make millions by just making a mistake. Then the 3rd party needs to find the right patient that can withstand complications from surgery. Convince them that all the pain will be worth it.

Obviously, the entire plan is based on everyone keeping their mouths shut. Can’t go to the bar and tell others that pretty soon all your troubles are going to be over. Act casual and you should be golden. Since this scheme is so revolutionary, no one should be thinking anything out of the ordinary is happening unless we’re dealing a Columbo type investigator that just has a feeling about things.

This plan can’t miss until I’m the biggest idiot ever and this gets smelled out before it even gets off the ground. Then this won’t be as big of a brilliant fraud scheme. It would be the opposite but there is no denying that when I thought of this plan this is exactly how I felt


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