Thank Our Ambassador Of The Human Race Bill Walton For Apologizing For The UCLA Players Theft

As we give thanks to all our veterans today for letting us have the ability to live the kind of life that we want too, it’s also important that we give some thanks to Bill Walton who on behalf of the entire human race has apologized for something a few of its members(other humans) have done.

You may of thought there wasn’t a representative that speaks for the entire human race but you would be wrong. That person is and apparently has been for quite some time NBA Hall of Famer and current college basketball announcer Bill Walton.

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes; i̶f̶ when aliens finally reveal themselves to the public to let us know that they’ve been around the whole time, they won’t be demanding to see our leader they’re going to say “hey, take us to Bill we here he’s having a rockin party and we want in.” Chances are Bill has been partying with aliens here on Earth and in all other types of dimensions since Portland. It would explain why he has such wisdom about literally everything. Guy has seen black holes devour entire star systems so you’re damn right he gets a bit embarrassed when people here on his home planet make us look bad by stealing sunglasses in China. That could be a PR nightmare across the stars. Good thing the ambassador of the human race, Bill, got out in front of this and let the rest of the galactic community know that these 3 fools don’t fully represent all of us. Bill’s good like that.

Honestly, I think Bill Walton representing Earth is a great move. You can’t put someone out there who has to speak for all of us who isn’t well rounded, who isn’t fair and who doesn’t have perspective. Bill has seen and done it all. Most of all Bill doesn’t take himself so seriously where he can’t have a good time. Bill will have fun everywhere and anywhere he goes and I think other races of beings want to deal with a guy who’s loose and who will bail them out of jail without yelling at them on the ride home. Also, it’s good to have a guy representing us that can adapt to anything even if that means switching outfits while announcing a game

PS- Listen to any Bill Walton interview you can. The guy really does have a good grip on reality and quite literally knows how to treat humanity the right way. There aren’t many out there who are as genuine than him. The man is an excellent Ambassador of the human race.




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