Miami Were Put Down Last Night

You can officially say that at 11:32PM last night the Miami Dolphins season was ended. The Panthers made sure there was no coming back from the beatdown they handed the Dolphins. I wrote in previous blogs that all is not lost and that Miami still had time and enough games to turn things around but I’m convinced at this point that they are dead. I know that they’re still “in the hunt” for the playoffs but it doesn’t matter. They still have New England twice, the Chiefs and the Bills twice. Yes I know the Bills are playing putrid as well right now but understand; there is no way Miami goes to Buffalo and wins that game.

I also don’t think this is a blog that centers around hyperbole. I legit mean what I say when I say Miami is done. They can’t compete with the average of teams. Carolina is a slightly above average team at the moment but let’s not believe that they’re some kind of dominant force out there. They still have trouble running the ball. Coming into the game Stewart and McCaffrey were the bottom two rushers in YPC in the league and Miami was the 8th best team against the run. Well let me tell you that Michael and Jemele were wrong when they said numbers never lie because Johnny Stewart ran for 110 yards on 17 carries in easily his best outing of the day and McCaffrey scored twice. Oh yeah, Cam Newton, a guy who occasionally runs the ball himself added 95 yards on the ground himself to go along with his 254 yards passing and 4 TDs.

Miami got exposed for what they exactly are, a defense full of names that don’t do anything. They get some sacks here and there and end up putting together nice numbers when the season is over but the majority of those numbers generally come in only a few games. Most of the time they’re non existent. Their secondary which everyone new were awful didn’t do anything to change anyone’s minds. They got destroyed by guys named Funchess, Dickson and Samuel.

Miami’s offense which is trending towards some of the saddest offensive numbers looked flat most of the game. Cutler statistically had an ok game but he looks like a guy who’s 60 year old out there. Just one hopping the ball to guys out of the backfield and when he steps up in the pocket and you think he’s doing it because he has someone wide open he misses the guy by no less than 75 yards(trust me that’s not hyperbole.) Or he throws a ball to Landry and nearly gets him killed. Or with a minute left in the half way deep in their territory he tries forcing a ball to the wildly talented Julius Thomas for the 10th time. This attempt is pretty much what you’re getting from Jay.

The score was 45-21 but it wasn’t even that close. So many decisions that had me scratching my head. I’m a Gase supporter and I think he’s doing a good job considering that this team is lacking so much. I supported the decision to trade Ajayi because this team is far way from winning, even though they made the playoffs last year and everyone knew Jay was a problem in the locker room. Last year’s team was a mirage. But some of the decisions that get made I just don’t understand. Like why do they continue to force the ball to Julius Thomas? Guy was made by Peyton and he’s not walking through that door. Why not force the ball if that’s what you want to do to Parker who can be a top flight receiver? Why on 4th and 1 you hurry up to the line and run an inside handoff to D.Williams right into the teeth of defense where Kuechly was unblocked? Why oh why did you throw the ball under a minute when you were at your own 25 only to get picked off and give up another score? Why does Matt Burke have a job today? The guy’s defense is getting carved up by everyone they play. The Ravens were the worst rushing team, they run all over them. Jared Cook wasn’t alive until he played Miami and he killed them. Stewart hasn’t done anything all year and he has his best day of the year. What kind of halftime adjustments were made? If the goal was to give up 21 points in the 3rd, great job you did it well. I know all these points come from a guy who doesn’t watch practice and who’s also not a professional coach but I’m annoyed that it’s the same old story. Doesn’t matter who’s on the team or coaching it, the same result will always happen. If I’m wrong, keep doing the same thing. It’s really working out for everybody.

I hope this isn’t an effort thing like Gase said but it probably is and that sucks to say. The effort out of the defense in the 3rd was sorry. Getting manhandled and just taking it every play. I wish this team cared like the Patriots and Seahawks and a few others do. They don’t put up with consistent ineptitude. They don’t get embarrassed and if they do they don’t let it happen again. Nope not Miami, they’ll gladly let it happen again.

So like I said, this season is finished. You know, till Miami wins their next two games and I’m back to saying they have a chance. Sports is weird like that


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