A Guy Who’s About To Be Executed Can Only Be Executed If He Has A Special Pillow That Makes His Execution As Comfortable As Possible

WXYZ Detriot An Ohio man slated to be executed on Wednesday will be allowed to use a special wedged-shape pillow as he is put to death by lethal injection, the Columbus Dispatch reported. Alva Campbell, 69, will lie on the pillow as a three-drug cocktail will be administered to execute Campbell after he was convicted for the kidnapping and killing of an 18-year-old Columbus man. Campbell was on parole at the time after being charged with aggravated murder from a 1972 killing. According to the Dispatch, Campbell has pulmonary problems and it is difficult for him to lie flat without choking.Last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said that he would not put a stop to the execution, despite a clemency request by Campbell’s attorney.Campbell has also requested to be executed by firing squad, citing that a prison nurse was unable to find a suitable vein for an IV. A federal judge ruled out that as an option for Campbell. The Dispatch reported, citing court records, that Campbell uses a walker, relies on an external colostomy bag and requires four breathing treatments a day. He also may have lung cancer. 

You really gotta love the law. Yes we’re going to teach you a lesson for killing someone by killing you but if it’s painful for you to lay down as we pump you full of person killing liquid then by all means take your favorite pillow with you as you head into the afterlife. Hey, why don’t you take your blanky with you.

You know who this really bothers? People that have already been executed. You think they got the royal treatment when they were about to be smited off this planet? Heck no! They went into the gas chamber, electric chair or if they were in North Korea the field waiting to get blown up by a missile by Kim Jong Un with nothing but the clothes on their backs and they never dreamed of asking for teddy bear or a nightlight because they were tough as nails. They were a lot tougher back then not like this pampered cream puff of a murderer. Might as well have this guy wear a skirt or play inside a bubble, Whoops wrong topic. But you get the point. Death row inmates of today are just plain soft and that’s a bad look for the nation’s incarcerated. You think death row inmates in Belgium aren’t talking about this by word of the guy who brings them a book?

At least this wannabe millennial once had some grit in him. Good to know this guy wasn’t always a pansy

Campbell has also requested to be executed by firing squad, citing that a prison nurse was unable to find a suitable vein for an IV. A federal judge ruled out that as an option for Campbell.



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