Good For Larry Fitzgerald For Not Hanging Them Up Just Yet

The Cardinals aren’t making the playoffs this year and not knowing who’s going to be throwing you the ball next year when you’ll be 35 years old as a receiver could have easily swayed Larry Fitzgerald to want to call it a career. A career that will allow him to walk into Canton as a first ballot hall of famer(he damn well better be). But noperz!!! Larry Fitz doesn’t go so easily into the good night.

This make me happy. This should make everyone happy. So much terrible news coming out just about every 20 minutes it’s nice to see something good happening out there. The guy with possibly the best hands I’ve ever seen is coming back for at least one more year. There’s been some natural talk from Larry about life after football from last year but he’s not ready yet and that’s fine with me. I fully endorse any athlete that wants to keep playing sports for as long as they possibly can. Until all the teams in the league decide they aren’t going to pay a person, then they should play until they’re 50. I don’t get that bad feeling in my body when I see highlights of Emmitt Smith in a Cardinals jersey or see clips of Jerry Rice on the Broncos practice squad. I know that those guys were some of the greatest athletes to ever play regardless of sport.

And you really gotta tip your cap to a guy like Larry Fitz. I know I say that you shouldn’t ever trust athletes because we don’t know them at all and while that’s true, every account that has ever been written about Larry Fitz has been pristine. There’s never been any story about any kind of weird or negative situation that ever involved Larry. From when he was a ball boy for the Vikings when he was a kid to today, the guy has been a professional who just happens to be one the best receivers that has ever lived. He also seems like a very intelligent dude. He’s always well spoken and just seems like he gets it. Like he’s full of wisdom.

Everyone thought a few years ago that he was finished. But he put up back to back 1,000 yard seasons and is 330 yards away from doing it again. He’s still performing at a high level on a team that isn’t going anywhere. I hope the guy never retires. He’s one of those guys that can get lumped into the phrase “the NFL is better when he’s out there.” Not sure if that is a saying, but if it isn’t it should be.

Now here’s some mandated Larry Fitz highlights


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