Ray Maualuga Gets Arrested Immediately Released Because The Dolphins Are The Dolphins

Well it certainly seems to be raining crap on the Miami Dolphins. If you thought losing their starting QB in the off season to a non-contact injury on a body part that was actively chosen not to have surgery on, sign a guy to replace him that was passed up by every team in the league thus leading to his “retirement”, had a player(who was also Maualuga) go AWOL and miss the first game of the season, got boat raced several times this year, had a video come out of one of their coaches doing cocaine was all that was going to happen this year you’d be wrong. Ray Maualaga was arrested this morning and jailed on battery charges. Details coming out are saying that he had his hand around someone’s throat and refused to pay a $40 dollar bar bill. Whatever. I’m sooooooooo used to this out of this team. It’s either a terrible inept QB thing or a bullying thing, or a psychological thing. Just par for the course with this franchise.

Maualaga was having a decent year and has been playing well as of late. Replacing him won’t be fun because the guys we have behind him aren’t anywhere near as good. So look for Miami to get housed even more on defense.

As a fan, it’s just more of the same. Doesn’t matter who the coach is, who the players are, ridiculous stupid avoidable situations will follow this team. Gotta be something in the Miami atmosphere that causes maddening things to happen. Scientist need to have fleet of guys trying to figure it out. That’s where the Dept. of Science should be doing the bulk of their research because for this franchise, this is has been the sentiment for the last 20 years of my life:


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