It Appears That 2017 Has Lost Brock Osweiler

It is with a heavy heart to inform society that Broncos QB, and heck of a nice guy, Brock Osweiler has been told to hit the showers for upstart 2nd year QB Paxton Lynch. I hope you were sitting down when you read that because when I heard the news I feel to a knee and clutched my heart. It’s not fair that Brock is being taken away from us for some guy who doesn’t deserve to(or maybe he does) wear the same jersey as Brock does.

You look at Brock’s stats and you see 3 TDs and 4 INTs and you think to yourself this is a guy who deserves to be benched. You see a QB who has lost his last 3 starts which put up those stats. I see a guy who’s letting his alleged top flight defense do what I’m told they are good at doing and that’s stopping other teams from scoring. Seems like one half of the ball aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing because if you brought Brock Osweiler in to score tons of points you need to stick your head in the oven instead that defenseless turkey you plan on eating on Thursday.

Brock’s had a wild year so you could understand if he never quite was sure where he was going to be the next day. From getting traded to Cleveland from Houston, to Cleveland believing they solved their QB problem and releasing Osweiler to John Elway swallowing his pride and signing the guy he should have signed a few years it’s no wonder Brock may of performed a little under his standards. The guy developed major trust issues meaning none of this is his fault and if a team would give him another big time contract next year he surely will make the most of it. He just has too. Let’s just remember the good times that Brock brought us this year as he showed what QB playing in Denver really looks like.

Look at him goooooooooo!!!!!!!!

This is Brock showing off his best Jon Moxon impersonation

Rest Easy



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