North Korean Dude Gets Shot 5 Times While Trying To Escape To South Korea

Wild wild video of a North Korean soldier risking his life trying to escape North Korea and get into South Korea. This guy was shot 5 times and still had enough motivation and probably the most amount of adrenaline ever to flow through a human body to make it across the border where South Korean soldiers were there to drag him to safety and get him to a hospital. Good job by Brian Todd of CNN here of breaking down the film like he was Jaws and Merril Hoge on Edge NFL Matchup. This guy was definitely a factorback.

Couple of things here. First, the North Korean soldiers who didn’t kill this guy who was within 20ft away from him are most certainly dead. No way Kim Jong Un gets wind of this and lets these soldiers live. For such a public embarrassment like this, Un whips up one his most craziest executions. Something like covering them in blood and throwing them into a shark tank where the sharks have scorpions in their mouths as well. That’s what I believe was the fate of these soldiers. Secondly, if you’re this guys family who’s still in North Korea do you have to go and hide? I think since nonsensical murders carried out by the government is the norm that you have to try and escape yourself. Probably the first thing  Un did when he found this out was grab a phone book from 1984 that was just mailed to him and look up the guy’s parents address. So I really hope they can get out of there.

It’s amazing to think about all the problems that we have here in this country. There’s tons of issues that we as a country fail to address everyday and plenty of room to improve. But no matter how bad things are you never see anyone getting shot by soldiers trying to escape. In this time of giving thanks, give thanks that you don’t live in North Korea. I think that’s something we all can agree on.

PS- That last paragraph I’m pretty sure I just channeled my inner John Saunders and gave a parting shot like I was hosting Sports Reporters

UPDATE: The soldier who’s name that’s being released is Oh, is recovering from surgery and from the words of the surgeon who performed the surgery

“This North Korean guy is not going anywhere,” Lee said. “He is staying in South Korea. So we don’t need to be hasty.



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