Robbing Houses Then Falling Asleep Covered In Doritos Is No Way To Go Through Life

Robbing houses 101 tells me that to do it successfully that you need to exit the house when you’re done stealing. I never robbed a house before but I think I’m correct to assume that you don’t want the owners of the house to come home with you passed out in their bed covered in Doritos. But that’s what a guy in Scotland did and surprisingly it didn’t work out for him.

What sucks for this guy is that he didn’t think ahead. Not only will he have to deal with whatever jail time follows from trying to rob someone’s house, but whenever he gets out he now is going to be known as the Doritos-Fall-Asleep-Trying-To-Rob-Houses-Guy. I’m sure the people of Scotland will come up with a better name than that. But whenever this guy goes out to get a beer the first thing everyone’s going to say is “hey there’s the guy who eats Doritos when he robs houses.” Everyone will laugh at him and he will have a bad night. And that’s why you don’t go around robbing houses and fall asleep covered in Doritos, because everyone will make fun of you for the rest of your life. Criminals never think about that before committing crimes. No foresight with criminals.

Good for the police department to have such a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Really sticking it to this guy when he down.


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