The Dolphins Are Officially On The Clock

Not that anyone with a brain thought the Dolphins were going to roll into Foxboro and actually walk out of there with a win, but I’d be lying if I didn’t envision a scenario where every break that could possibly occur would bounce Miami’s way, which included a rogue planet striking the Patriots bench and only affecting them. None of that happened and Nibiru still looms. What happened was exactly what we all knew was going to happen and that was New England winning comfortably.

Things looked alright after the Patriots first 3 plays where they went 3 and out, something I thought would be impossible for Miami to achieve. But then, like clockwork, the Pats superior film work got displayed as they faked a punt and picked up the first down. They did this at their own 30ish meaning they had exactly zero respect for anything Miami could do. Couple of plays later, and the score was 7-0. Miami got the ball back, predicably went 3 and out, Pats get the ball and go right down the field and Miami decides not to cover Gronk near the goal line. Why do that right?

The Pats actually made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes like Brady throwing an INT, something that all teams do but when New England does it it’s noteworthy, which really says something, and the miscommunication between Brady and the center that led to Reshad Jones picking up a fumble and running it in for a TD. New England will probably practice day and night all week this week and they will throttle who ever they play this next week.

As for Miami, I know they were essentially starting their 3rd string QB and had backup linemen protecting him and were down to their 3rd string RB after Damian Williams went down but man I can’t understand a couple of things. First, it appears I was way off on the talent of DeVante Parker. I’ve been talking this guy up all year saying that he will be a 1,200 yard receiver. His size and speed is what led me to think that. I know the guy has been injury prone and missed time this year but I figured that when he came back that he was going to show everyone why he was the 11th overall pick in the draft. But nope, he only had 1 catch yesterday and clearly wasn’t on the same page with Moore to close out the 1st half that resulted in an INT in the endzone. In fact, something like 4 of the last 7 throws that have gone to Parker has led to an INT. That’s wild. And secondly, how does it come to pass every week that guys are wide open by at least 15 yards against Miami’s defense? It tells me that when a team scouts us they see exactly where to exploit the defense, create a gameplan to do just that, run it and it works exactly the way thew drew it up. It means that Miami is not making any adjustments not just at halftime but aren’t making adjustments that accomplish anything from week to week which is frightening to think about. I saw Gronk and Cooks consistently with guys not around them. Would it kill the Dolphins to run man to man just a little bit because it appears that they don’t have the brains capable to run zone.

This all being said, it looks like Miami is on the clock and could start thinking about what position they want to upgrade first when it comes to pick. I really don’t think Miami will win more than than 1 more game, which puts them at 5-11 at best. Probably puts them around pick 5-7 in the first round. Personally, I’d love Miami to draft Saquan Barkley. They guy would be a major shot in the arm for the offense and for the fan base. I understand that the O-line is awful and you can’t run the ball without them, but Barkley is a special special talent that doesn’t come along very often. He’s as can’t miss as I’ve seen in a while. This all means that Miami is barely still “in the hunt.” Look, I’ve been living in that CBS playoff picture graphic specifically in the “in the hunt” portion of it my entire life. But at 4-7 I’m going to go on a real limb here and say that the 2017 Miami Dolphins will not make the playoffs. Hope you were sitting down for that.


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